OHV 211 a-b

Major Figures in American Music

Interviewed by Joan Thomson

Bell Laboratories

June 14, 1978



Cassette Side a                                                                                                            

Transcript pp. 1-12


Digital processor and applications for the telephone--demonstrations--using the processor to synthesize sounds--Max Matthews--problems--interrelationship between the telephone project and the music project--inaccessibility of machines--demonstration in California--people coming to see the machine: Les Paul, Ian Underwood, Bob Moog--conferences on computer music--Alles' musical background--possible future studies involving the synthesizer--availability--more on Alles' background.


Cassette Side b                                                                                                           

Transcript pp. 23-39


Alles' background (continued)--video synthesizer--technology of one machine talking to another--computer games--projected technological advance--problems developing the musical synthesizer--others working with Alles: Kubic, Fisher, Wellover, Behr--making the machine easier for the non-computer-oriented musician--first and second generation instruments--visit to IRCAM--dichotomy between instrument builders and instrument users--future developments with the synthesizer.


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