AMERICAN MUSIC SERIES                                                                             333 a,b


Glenn Branca

With Jack Vees

August 30, 2003

New York, N.Y.



                                                        TABLE OF CONTENTS


Side a                                                                                                                               pp. 1-22


Vees' knowledge of Branca's music--Bang on a Can--Branca's work at the moment: Symphony No. 14--playing for "Friends of Good Music" in Berlin every five years--Symphony No. 9--playing with Eastern European orchestras--desire to write for large forces--interest in acoustic sound--Music for Strange Orchestra--flexible notion of the orchestra--theory of harmony--twelve-tone technique--the way a piece of music should be structured--composing--rejecting past music--Branca's wife--Symphony No. 14--Symphony No. 2--harmonic series and the guitar--experimental bands: "Theoretical Girls" and "Static"--Max's Easter Festival in 199--Instrumental for Six Guitars--Bastard Theater--Rhys Chatham--incidents with Chatham--work with the harmonic series--tuning directly to the intervals of the harmonic series, using these as your tuning system--Partch and LaMonte Young.


Side b                                                                                                                                            pp.  22-38


Symphony No. 5:  being in debt--theory--building keyboards--strings vs. woodwinds--harmonic series--early theater works--his school invited to the Yale Drama Festival--writing plays in Boston in the early seventies--Bastard Theater--Dubious Music Ensemble--Jeff Lohn--interest in punk scene--starting a rock band: "Static."