AMERICAN MUSIC SERIES                                                                                                          145a


Don Buchla

with Vincent Plush

Berkeley, California

September 22, 1983




Side a                                                                                                                                                             1-21


Early interest in music--education--involvement with instrumental music (guitar)--San Francisco Tape Music Center--facilities at the Tape Music Center--musical interest as a hobby--designing an instrument for musical purposes--different series of instruments--influence of others at Tape Music Center--responding to feedback from composers in modifying instruments--early compositions and redoing them--work with video--awards to develop instruments--composition resulting from NEA grant--working and collaborating with performers--approach to composition--number of instruments designed--400 series design--interest in live performance--using dancers in pieces--using acoustic instruments with electronic instruments--film collaborations--approach to designing musical instruments--fluctuating market for instruments--Touché system--interest in language development.