Dave Brubeck with Iola Brubeck

with Derek Snyder

Quick Center for the Performing Arts

Fairfield University

Fairfield, CT

17 April 1993





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early musical influences--family--growing up on the ranch--College of the Pacific and veterinary school--meeting and relationship with Iola--WWII--study at Mills College--Milhaud--jazz--influences opinions of Gershwin, Ellington, Schoenberg, and Bartók--living with and influence of Stravinsky--post-WWI struggle and rise to fame--Raisin in the Sun--Monterey Festival--the West Coast movement--publicity from the book, West Coast Jazz--publicity from Time--coping with criticism--composing in irregular meter--Milhaud and polytonality--Dave Brubeck Quartet disbandment--“Truth is Fallen”--“The Gates of Justice”--post-disbandment relationships--effects of jazz on classical musicianship--sons’ musical careers--Quartet reunion--philosophy on life


Side B:                                                                                                                                             pp.15

philosophy on life--Martin Luther King, Jr.--religious enlightenment--generational relationships between jazz composers--music as a search


Dave Brubeck

with Vivian Perlis

Morse College (Yale University)

New Haven, CT

March 27, 1986



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Introducing Brubeck--Glances--Four Brubeck Pieces--Koto Song, from Jazz Impressions of Japan--Three to Get Ready and Four to Go--Take Five--dance improvisation--study with Darius Milhaud at Mills College--attitude towards jazz in the forties--Octet--Milhaud's positive attitude towards jazz--Copland--Brubeck in churches--Brubeck's jazz based on "Pange lingua"--tours--Unsquare Dance[sp?]--Brubeck's jazz based on Chopin--music using thank you (in various languages) as starting point--Jazz Impressions of Japan--blues combined with Japanese scale--Tritonus--playing in 5.


Side d                                                                                                                      pp.12-15


Playing in 5 (con't)--ways to play jazz-- Latin influence--Cal Tjader--Brubeck's family--Art Tatum.