OHV 182 a-i

Major Figures in American Music

Interviewed by Ev Grimes

New York, NY

November 14, 1986



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Family background -- parents' divorce -- early musical experiences -- grandmother's piano -- piano lessons with Margie Murphy -- love of Bach -- moved to Lexington, Kentucky -- different piano teachers -- lessons with Helen Lipscomb who was a composer -- graduated from high school at the age of sixteen -- University of Kentucky study with Nathaniel Patch -- John Cage influence -- left University of Kentucky after two years -- Ephemora -- move to California -- Richard Swift in California -- more John Cage -- Pauline Oliveros -- UC at Davis -- Source magazine -- California in the late sixties -- interest in agriculture -- graduating from University of California at Davie in 1971 -- Swift and Cage -- uninterested in twelve-tone music -- performing as a pianist -- won concerto contest two years -- MFA program at Mills College -- Hysteresis -- performance pieces -- Peachy Keen-o -- Bob Ashley -- Master's in composition at Mills -- graphic scores -- Torero Piece.


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Hysteresis and Torero Piece -- performance of Torero Piece recorded by Anthony Gnazzo -- Queen Christina -- collage aspects of performance -- coding system for Joan -- having two pieces about strong female historical figures.


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MFA piece, She Wrote -- Gertrude Stein's Quod Estrum Demonstrandum decoded -- They Did It -- He Said for two clarinets, tape and video -- Tulip Clause for John Adams at the San Francisco Conservatory New Music Ensemble -- 1975 NEA grant -- Realization of John Cage's Cheap Imitation -- Cage and the I Ching -- played for dance classes -- MA from Mills spring of 1974 -- received NEA grant -- moved to new York -- Goodbye Bridget Bardot or Hello Charlotte Moorman for cello and tape -- Avant Garde festival at Shea Stadium in new York -- "debut."


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Composer's Forum -- performance of various pieces -- Anthology Film Archives -- EAR magazine -- married Michael Cooper in 1976 -- first Kitchen concert -- Persistence -- A Day -- A Postcard -- A Paranoia -- An Argument -- Womanrite -- They Did It -- reviewed by critic john Rockwell -- accompanist for Marcha Graham Dance Compnay in 1975 -- Stephan Wolpe -- Meet The Woman Composer Series at The New School -- June 1976 marriage to Michael Cooper -- divorce in March 1978 -- Real Art Ways concert in Hartford -- If I Were a Poet performed at Poets and Writers.



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Transcript pp. 45-57

Reasons for writing music -- Pauline Oliveros -- being a composer in New York -- pieces written for Andrew Bolotowsky -- Skate Suite -- Skater's Suite -- The Eighth Ancestor -- Praying Mantis and the Bluebird -- pieces for Danny McCusker -- Full Circle and Quilt Music -- Brooklyn Philharmonia Chamber Ensemble -- Revelation -- Promised Church Beautiful River -- I Wish I Were Single Again -- I Can't Stand It -- Soap Tuning -- Zen Piece -- Black and White Ode -- Realization for Seven Notes at Baltimore Festival.


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Yes Sir Ree jazz dance piece -- doctorate program at NYU -- "Creative Arts and Education" -- teaching at Martin Luther King school -- transferred to the High School of Music and Art -- finished teaching certificate but dropped out of Ph.D. program -- teaching older women at College of new Rochelle -- left out of New Music America FEstival at the Kitchen -- reviewed everything -- "gorilla criticism" -- "Beauty is Revolution" -- the ISCm festival in Belgium -- Dream: in D -- therapy and Dr. Blood's Mermaid Lullaby -- Kitchy Kitchin -- a 45 with I Can't Stand It and Ocean Motion Mildew Mind -- written for Andrew Bolotowsky -- Preparation for the Dominant: Outrunning the Inevitable -- Skate Suite for violin and cello at the Kitchen.


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Film score for World Honeymoon for Sunrise Films in 1980 -- Suite for Winds and Percussion by Staten Island Symphony -- Nirvana Manor -- Elizabeth Rex -- gave EAR magazine to Charlie Morrow in 1979 -- My Private Beach for voice and band -- Country Time for voice and percussion in 1981 -- Junk Love -- finished Revelation into a score in 1981 -- Manos Inquietas for New York choreographer -- Eric Jessawala Says -- Talks to Teachers -- The Only One I Want is The One I Can't Have -- NetWork -- works for dancers -- rhythmic variations.


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Transcript pp. 80-92


Riot Rot -- Taking Sides -- The Little Trio -- rewrote Revel -- working in real estate -- Pennyroyal Swale -- Wynkin', Blynkin', and Nod -- Charelmagne Palestine -- interest in astrology -- women composers' organizations -- Beauty Runs Faster -- EAR magazine experiences -- A Belgian Tango.


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Transcript pp. 92-96


Reviews of pieces -- The Dream: Trio in D -- Eighth Ancestor -- Time Stands Still -- Twinkle Tonight -- influences -- change to more peaceful, calm pieces -- cabaret singing and assertiveness training -- self affirmation.

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