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03.26.2014 Kolltan Pharmaceuticals Obtains $60 Million in Series D Financing
Kolltan Pharmaceuticals, a privately held biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of novel biologics targeting receptor tyrosine kinases from the Yale research lab of Dr. Joseph Schlessinger, today announced the completion of a $60 million Series D financing.

03.26.2014 Researchers commercialize new depression treatment
A New Haven-based biotechnology startup created with the assistance of the Office of Cooperative Research is on the frontlines of finding a new treatment for major depression and anxiety disorders.

03.18.2014 Novogen and CanTx Experimental Drug, Trx-1, Proves Effective in Vivo
Novogen Limited and its joint venture company with Yale University, CanTx Inc, today announced an important milestone with lead candidate drug, Trx-1, demonstrating a potent anti-cancer effect in mice xenografted with human ovarian cancer stem cells.

03.18.2014 C8 Sciences' ACTIVATE™ Cognitive Cross-Training Program Used to Enhance Students' Executive Function at Palm Beach County Middle School
C8 Sciences, developer and marketer of a sophisticated brain cross-training program known as ACTIVATE™, designed by neuroscientists at the Yale School of Medicine, announced the use of its cognitive program by students at Christa McAuliffe Middle School in Palm Beach County, Florida.

02.11.2014 Arvinas Hires Jim Winkler as Chief Scientific Officer
Arvinas Inc., a biotechnology company creating a new class of drugs based on protein degradation discovered in the lab of Yale researcher Craig Crews, announced the appointment of Jim Winkler, Ph.D., to the position of Chief Scientific Officer.

02.10.2014 Melinta Therapeutics Raises $70 Million to Support Delafloxacin NDA and Selection of Multi-Drug Resistant Gram-Negative Candidates from RX-04 Platform
Melinta Therapeutics, founded by Yale researchers William Jorgensen, Peter Moore and Thomas A. Steitz, today announced the closing of a $70 Million Series 3 equity financing.

02.07.2014 Researchers Aim to Reverse Memory Loss in Alzheimer’s Disease
A protein discovered 25 years ago in the research lab of Paul Lombroso, MD, the Elizabeth Mears and House Jameson Professor in the Child Study Center at Yale, may offer new hope for sufferers of Alzheimer’s Disease.

01.24.2014 Former U.S. Fighter Pilot Touts Oasys Fracking Water Technology
Former U.S. fighter pilot Jim Matheson, CEO of Oasys Water Inc., a startup specializing in water-treatment and desalination that was founded at Yale, is positioned to turn shale gas well fluids into clear water.

01.24.2014 Alexion Pharmaceuticals Is Likely to Be Acquired in 2014
Alexion Pharmaceuticals, which was founded by Leonard Bell, adjunct assistant professor at Yale, is ripe for a takeout in 2014.

01.23.2014 Higher One and The Council for Economic Education Partner to Address Critical Need for K-12 Financial Literacy Education
Higher One, a leading provider of financial services and data analytics to over 1,600 colleges and universities that was founded by three Yale students during their junior year, announced that it formed a partnership in 2013 with The Council for Economic Education (CEE).

01.23.2014 Kolltan Pharma begins phase I study of KTN3379
Kolltan Pharmaceuticals, a privately held biopharmaceutical company that is developing drugs based on discoveries made in the lab of Dr. Joseph Schlessinger, chairman of the Dept. of Pharmacology at the Yale School of Medicine, has treated its first cancer patient with Kolltan’s lead drug candidate, KTN3379, as part of a phase I clinical study.

01.01.2014 Business Plan: The president talks about creating jobs in New Haven
Yale President Peter Salovey talks about plans for attracting entrepreneurs to New Haven and the resources and successes offered by the Yale Entrepreneurial Institute and the Yale Office of Cooperative Research.

12.22.2013 Yale class creates the medical tools of tomorrow
In the Medical Device Design and Innovation course at Yale, students are finding novel solutions to real-world problems facing doctors and patients.

12.19.2013 Evotec inks research pact with Yale University to identify new mechanisms, targets & compounds to interfere with DNA repair
Evotec AG has signed a research collaboration with the laboratories of Prof. Peter Glazer and Prof. Ranjit Bindra at Yale School of Medicine for TargetDBR (DNA Break Repair). The objective of this collaboration is to identify novel mechanisms, targets and compounds that have the potential to interfere with DNA repair.

12.19.2013 10 research stories from 2013
Yale University is dedicated to advancing knowledge about the natural world, human society, disease, and dysfunction — the better to develop new technologies and better approaches to help address the important issues facing humankind.

12.12.2013 Small molecule offers big hope for heart disease sufferers
To protect the heart against injury during heart attack, Yale researchers are studying small molecules that could be easily administered with minimal risk to patients with coronary artery disease.

12.09.2013 Kolltan licenses antibodies from founder
New Haven biopharma Kolltan Pharmaceuticals said it has licensed antibody technology developed by one of its founders and a member of its scientific advisory board.

12.04.2013 Craig Crews of Arvinas and Yale honored with CURE Entrepreneur of the Year Award
At a ceremony December 3, Dr. Craig M. Crews of Yale University was presented the first annual CURE Entrepreneur of the Year Award, sponsored by the law firm of Shipman & Goodwin LLP, Counselors at Law. The award recognizes Dr. Crews' longstanding commitment to entrepreneurship and the translation of fundamental basic research to new medicines. (Yale News Story)

12.03.2013 Ancera raising $1.5M
Branford medical technology startup Ancera Inc., a biotech company formed through the Technology Commercialization Program run by the Office of Cooperative Research and the Yale Entrepreneurial Institute, is well on its way to raising $1.5 million from accredited investors, according to its financial filing.

12.02.2013 Melinta adds CFO
Paul Estrem, who most recently worked as vice president of integration at Baxter, is now CFO of Melinta. Melinta is in Phase 3 studies of its investigational skin infection antibiotic, delafloxacin.

11.20.2013 Humacyte Highlights Preclinical Data of Bioengineered Blood Vessel
Humacyte, Inc. presented the results of foundational U.S. preclinical studies of its investigational bioengineered blood vessel at the American Society of Nephrology's 'Kidney Week 2013' Annual Meeting in Atlanta. Humacyte Founder and Chief Scientist Laura E. Niklason is a professor at Yale University in Biomedical Engineering and Anesthesia and Vice-Chair for Anesthesia at Yale.

11.07.2013 Connecticut Technology Council Honors Emerging Technology Companies for Accomplishments and Potential at Seventh Annual Connecticut Innovation Summit
Carogen Corporation, an emerging biopharmaceutical company with an entirely new vaccine platform technology developed at the Yale University School of Medicine, was awarded the Most Promising Life Sciences Product of the Year at the Connecticut Innovation Summit.

10.24.2013 FO company secures financing, Expands beyond oil & gas industry
Massachusetts-based Oasys Water, a company that emerged from a Yale faculty-student collaboration in OCR’s Technology Commercialization Program, has announced that it has completed a significant Series B financing round.

10.22.2013 Seeking entrepreneurs, Science Park strives for liveability
Just over a week after University President Peter Salovey emphasized the importance of student contributions to Yale and New Haven’s "idea economy" in his inaugural address, developers in nearby Science Park are looking create a more "liveable" environment for Yale and New Haven innovators.

10.21.2013 CI leads $1.8M investment for Yale biomedical firm
Connecticut Innovations invested $750,000 in New Haven's Precipio Diagnostics, which has agreements with Yale University to evaluate patient samples and produce pathology reports.

10.20.2013 The World’s Most Innovative Companies
Yale startup Alexion Pharmaceuticals is named the second most innovative company by Forbes magazine.

10.17.2013 CI Leads $1.8 Million Series B Investment Round in Precipio Diagnostics LLC
Precipio Diagnostics—a New Haven startup that utilizes diagnostic advances in cancer research from Yale School of Medicine to develop personalized medicine for cancer patients—received $1.8 million from Connecticut Innovations.

10.07.2013 PhIII antibiotic developer gets a new name, new CEO in makeover
The New Haven, CT-based biotech Rib-X is undergoing a makeover. The biotech, based on the groundbreaking research of Yale professors Thomas Steitz and Peter Moore, has a new name and is now being run by a new management team drawn in by a new lead investor. But it's still focused on the same lead antibiotic: delafloxacin.

09.30.2013 The Little Orphan That Could: How Alexion Is Going Global
New Haven startup Alexion Pharmaceuticals, founded by Leonard Bell, adjunct assistant professor at Yale, developed the rare-disease drug Soliris and is expanding globally.

09.26.2013 UPDATED: Yale biotech spinout launches with $18M and a new approach to cancer
Yale spinout Arvinas is focused on a new approach to shutting down proteins.

09.26.2013 Connecticut supplies $4.25 M of $18.25 M in Start-up Costs for Biotech Company
Arvinas, a biotech company based on Yale research, founded with the assistance of the Office of Cooperative Research, is launching in New Haven with loans and a venture capital investment from the state.

09.26.2013 Gov. Malloy: State To Support Cutting-Edge Biotech Startup: New Haven-based Company Is Developing Cancer Fighting Drugs
Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy announced $4.25 million in state support for Arvinas, Inc., a biotech startup developing a new class of drugs founded on Yale research with the support of the Office of Cooperative Research.

09.25.2013 Nyberg: Funding breakthrough medical research
Yale Professor of Neurology Stephen Strittmatter, who is designing new Alzheimer’s drugs, is interviewed by Ann Nyberg on the need for federal research funding.

09.22.2013 New Data Evaluating Asfotase Alfa in Infants and Young Children with Hypophosphatasia (HPP) Presented at Paediatric Endocrinology Meeting
Alexion, founded by Dr. Leonard Bell, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Medicine and Pathology at Yale, announced data from an ongoing multinational Phase 2 study. Infants and young children with hypophosphatasia (HPP), an inherited, ultra-rare metabolic disorder, who were treated with asfotase alfa had significant improvement in skeletal mineralization and respiratory function.

09.21.2013 Alzheimer’s Cure on the Horizon
Stephen Strittmatter, Vincent Coates Professor of Neurology at Yale University School of Medicine and cofounder of Axerion Therapeutics, ffers key insights into Alzheimer’s disease and gives hope that a cure might be on the horizon.

09.05.2013 Promising New Tactic Found in Battle Against Alzheimer’s Disease
In TIME magazine, Dr. Stephen Strittmatter, professor of neurology at Yale University School of Medicine, describes a missing link in the Alzheimer's disease process that could lead the way to new drug-based treatments.

09.04.2013 Yale discovery could lead to Alzheimer’s drug, restored memory
Stephen Strittmatter, professor of neurology at the Yale School of Medicine, has found a way to disable a protein that damages the neurological pathway and could lead to a drug to restore the memory of patients with Alzheimer’s disease.

08.28.2013 NovaTract Selected As One of the Top Innovations of the Year by the Society of Laparoendoscopic Surgeons
NovaTract—a laparoscopic dynamic retraction device designed by Kurt E. Roberts, M.D., an assistant professor of gastrointestinal and general surgery at Yale School of Medicine, is honored for its innovation in minimally invasive surgery. The technology was licensed through the Yale Office of Cooperative Research.

08.27.2013 Innovative Companies Recognized as World Economic Forum Technology Pioneers
Oasys Water, a company that leads the world in the development of forward osmosis based solutions for the treatment and desalination of water, was recognized by the World Economic Forum. Oasys was formed through Yale OCR’s Technology Commercialization Program.

08.14.2013 New Haven's Downtown Crossing project moves forward
Construction continues on Downtown Crossing, the future New Haven home of Alexion Pharmaceuticals, cofounded by Dr. Leonard Bell, one of the Yale scientists who developed the rare disease drug Soliris.

08.08.2013 Gilead Sciences Carving Out a Wider Moat
Gilead Sciences, which signed a $40 million pact with the Yale School of Medicine to develop cancer drugs, is developing an all-oral cure for hepatitis C.

08.07.2013 Big data startup Hadapt works in the background to make life better
Hadapt, which emerged from Yale’s Technology Commercialization Program,  helps retailers understand their customers by better tracking the data.

08.05.2013 Study of bird feathers might lead to better colors in the future
Yale professor Hui Cao hopes to replicate the brilliant colors of bird feathers in the laboratory, in this case using lasers.

08.01.2013 Higher One Enhances Student Experience with Acquisition of PayDivvy's Social Bill Pay Software
Higher One, founded by three Yale students in 2000, provides services to higher education administrators and students at more than 1,600 campuses across the U.S. They recently acquired PayDivvy, Inc., software that provides a more effective way for college students to make person-to-person payments and pay group bills.

07.31.2013 Alexion plans to expand in New Haven
Alexion, a leading biopharmaceutical company founded by Dr. Leonard Bell, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Medicine and Pathology at Yale, plans two new stories to its building next to Yale’s Medical School.

07.26.2013 Gilead sales on the rise
Gilead Pharmaceuticals, which has a major collaboration with cancer researchers at Yale University, reported a 15% increase in second-quarter revenues, fueled by higher sales of its HIV drugs.

07.26.2013 Alexion Pharmaceutical's profits boosted by 35% rise in Soliris sales
Alexion Pharmaceuticals, founded by Yale professor Dr. Leonard Bell, saw its second quarter earnings more than double compared to a year ago as sales of Soliris increased by 35%.

07.23.2013 Yale lab finding may protect the heart during ischemia
Research from three Yale laboratories — in the fields of immunobiology, chemistry, and cardiology — could lead to new drugs to reduce complications during cardiac surgery or heart attacks.

07.17.2013 NIH gambles on recycled drugs
Stephen Strittmatter, Vincent Coates Professor of Neurology and Professor of Neurobiology at Yale, began recruiting for a clinical trial to test a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease. The study is part of a bigger test for the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) and its fledgling translational research center.

06.15.2013 Yale start-up refines the use of cellular fingerprinting
Yale entrepreneurs are upgrading the way scientists monitor the body’s immune system, using the unique protein signature of the human cell itself.

06.12.2013 New Haven based company develops low-cost skin health monitoring system
3Derm Systems, a New Haven-based company developed by three Yale graduates, received a $150,000 grant from the National Science Foundation.

05.01.2013 Inventions that will help save the world (if we let them)
Yale’s Office of Cooperative Research (OCR) is guiding Yale researchers from the lab to commercial opportunities.

04.01.2013 Pharma and academia partner for better health
A partnership between Yale and pharmaceutical company Gilead Sciences, brokered by the Yale Office of Cooperative Research, will lead to the discovery of targets for new and improved cancer therapies.

01.23.2013 Jon Soderstrom selected as a 2012-2013 Healthcare Hero of Greater New Haven
Jon Soderstrom, the Managing Director of the Office of Cooperative Research, is named a Healthcare Hero Person of Merit by Business New Haven and New Haven Magazine and discusses how he came to lead one of the most successful university tech-transfer initiatives in the country.

01.09.2013 Evotec and Yale University form Open Innovation Alliance
Evotec AG entered into a strategic partnership with Yale. Under the agreement, Evotec and Yale will leverage first-rate science performed at Yale with Evotec's drug discovery infrastructure and expertise into highly innovative discovery approaches in diseases of high unmet medical need.

01.07.2013 Onyx Pharmaceutical update on Kyprolis™ (carfilzomib)
A drug discovery for the treatment of multiple myeloma from the lab of Craig Crews, Yale Professor of Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology, exceeds net sales of $62 million.

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