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Leonard Margolis <a href="audio/margolis.mp3">Listen to the interview with Leonard Margolis</a>

“A lot of us played there, but it all just evaporated...”

Interviewed by Alexandra Reeve on November 28, 2003.

Leonard Margolis

Leonard Margolis was born on Hallock Street in 1926, and soon moved to Davenport Avenue. Growing up in the Oak Street neighborhood, Margolis remembers a tight-knit community of first- and second-generation immigrants, streets lined with bakeries, shops, and small grocery stores like the one his parents owned. The city demolished the neighborhood Margolis knew growing up to make way for the Route 34 Connector.

Photo of drug store
Drugstore and other storefronts at the intersection of Oak and Broad Streets. Undated. Courtesy of NHCHS
Rt. 34 connector photo
Oak Street Connector, center, with demolished Oak Street neighborhood, left, October, 1960. Courtesy Yale MSSA.