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Edwin Edmonds <a href="audio/edmonds.mp3.">Listen to the interview with Edwin Edmonds</a>

“You tear down a building, you’ve got to put something in its place, and you want some involvement in citizens...”

Interviewed by Sarah Hammond on February 16, 2004.

Edwin Edmonds

The Reverend Dr. Edwin Edmonds came to New Haven from Greensboro, North Carolina in 1959. He became the pastor at the United Church of Christ on Dixwell Avenue, and quickly became a leader in the community. When the Ford Foundation gave New Haven one million dollars to pilot some anti-poverty and job-training programs, Edmonds was appointed to the original board of the project, called Community Progress, Inc. Edmonds describes his initial optimism about CPI, and the mixed results the organization ultimately produced.

CPI photo
Human Story, the 1967 annual report of Community Progress Incorporated.
Old Dixwell Church
Dixwell Avenue Congregational Church, before Redevelopment. Undated. Photograph by A. Burton Street. Courtesy of NHCHS.
New Dixwell Church
Dixwell Avenue Congregational Church, after Redevelopment. Undated. Courtesy of NHCHS.