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Attention Yale Senior Essayists!

If you are writing your senior essay or other major research paper about 20th century New Haven history and are considering conducting oral history interviews, the New Haven Oral History Project wants to hear from you. We can help you with all aspects of your project, starting with the earliest planning stages. We can help you identify interviewees and devise interviewing strategies; provide recording equipment and proper legal release forms; archive your interviews; and generally help you conceptualize how to work with oral history.

Joint NHOHP-New Haven Holocaust Memorial, Inc. Internship

The NHOHP and Greater New Haven Holocaust Memory, Inc. (GNHHM) are now accepting applications for a joint internship to help preserve the history of America's first municipal Holocaust memorial. The intern's main responsibility will be to conduct 15 to 20 oral history interviews with key figures about the genesis of the memorial. Interviewees will include former New Haven mayors, the memorial's architect, local Holocaust survivors, and others. The intern will receive training from and work closely with the NHOHP, and is welcome - even encouraged - to use the internship research towards a senior essay, term paper, or other academic project.

All of the interviews conducted will become part of the NHOHP Collection, and will be used in future New Haven history and Holocaust studies curricula in local schools. Thus, the intern - while getting to meet notable members of the New Haven community and learning a tremendous amount about local history and the historical memory of the Holocaust - will at the same time make an important contribution to the New Haven community's historical record.

While the intern will receive regular, structured guidance, he or she will also be invited to shape the internship to meet personal goals and objectives. For instance, the intern will be welcome to participate in other aspects of the broader project of preserving the memorial, from fundraising to community awareness projects, and will have substantial discretion in directing the focus of the oral history interviews.

The schedule is flexible, though the project will likely require a commitment of approximately 3 to 5 hours per week for the duration of the fall semester.

To apply, please send a paragraph describing your interest and relevant experience by September 16, 2005 to Andy Horowitz.

Volunteer with the New Haven Oral History Project

The New Haven Oral History Project is an excellent volunteer opportunity for people interested in New Haven, oral history, community development, or service learning. All volunteers receive training in oral history theory and methodology. Volunteers have the chance to fully immerse themselves in all aspects of the Project.

If you would like more information on volunteering, please contact Andy Horowitz, either by email or by phone at (203) 432-7308.

Support the New Haven Oral History Project

The New Haven Oral History Project is a non-profit organization. If you are interested in making a tax-deductible contribution to support any aspect of the Project's work, please contact us.