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The Collection is on display in three galleries and in additional exhibit space in the foyer and hall areas. Permanent exhibits are maintained in the first floor east gallery and in the second floor gallery, which is also used as a concert room noted for its fine acoustics.

Foyer Display
Currently on display in the foyer is a special exhibit, "German Lutherie of Two Centuries: 1650-1850," which features string instruments by makers from throughout central Europe. Included is a violin by the famed Tyrolese master Jakob Stainer, along with instruments by important makers from such centers as Vienna and Nürnberg.

First Floor East Gallery
The permanent exhibit of European and American string and wind instruments is located here. The depth of the Collection's holdings allows for frequent rotation of examples on display.

An exhibit of pochettes (dancing masters' fiddles) in the foreground, with displays of bows and fractional- size violins in the background.

First Floor South Gallery
A special exhibition of bells currently is on display in the museum's First Floor South Gallery.  Selecting from over 180 objects in the Robyna Neilson Ketchum Collection of Bells, guest student curator Tiffany Ng '05 has assembled a wide representation of the bell in a range of cultures as a signal and ritual medium as well as a musical instrument.

Second Floor Gallery
The museum's second floor gallery houses the permanent exhibit, "Keyboard Instruments from Four Centuries: 1550-1950," which includes organs, clavichords, harpsichords and pianos.

With its excellent acoustics this gallery is also used as a hall for the annual series of concerts, many of which feature the keyboard instruments that have been restored to fine playing condition.




Sound Gallery