Founded in 1994, the Yale Mock Trial Association is one of the most competitive programs in the country. In recent years, Yale has performed exceptionally well, earning a 7th place trophy at the 2009 National Championship Tournament and placing 11th in the nation in 2013. The members who comprise the program have won hundreds of awards and have been recognized as All-American attorneys and witnesses. The entirely student-run association splits up into three to four teams of six to ten people each season. Throughout the year, these teams compete at different tournaments across the country.

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OCTOBER 19, 2014

In YMTA's opening weekend of the 2014-2015 season, Team Wolf Brigade competed at the Happy Valley Invitational at Penn State University and finished with a record of 4-3-1! Congratulations to Daniel Stern, who was recognized as an Outstanding Attorney with a perfect 20 ranks.

OCTOBER 12, 2014

Congratulations to American Heritage High Schoool: Plantation (9-3), our 2014 Bulldog Invitational champion!

2nd Place: Phillips Exeter Academy (8-4, CS: 27)
3rd Place: American Heritage High School: Boca Delray (8-4, CS: 20)

The full tab summary can be viewed here.

A huge thank you to all the teams that traveled to New Haven and competed this weekend. We all wish you a safe trip home and we hope to see you at the 2015 Bulldog Invitational!

OCTOBER 10, 2014

Yale Mock Trial welcomes the following teams as competitors at the 2014 Bulldog Invitational Tournament!

American Heritage High School, Boca Delray
American Heritage High School, Plantation
The Bolles School
Choate Rosemary Hall
ETHOS Academy
Montoursville Area High School
Phillips Exeter Academy
River Valley High School

Good luck to all the teams competing this weekend!


Congratulations and a big welcome to the Yale Mock Trial Class of 2018:

Justin Abbasi
Vinay Basti
Michael Byrnes
Sarah Cohen
Madeleine Colbert
Patrick Doolittle
Charlotte Dougall
Scott Hicks
Cormac Mullin
Phoebe Petrovic
Stella Shannon

APRIL 27, 2014

Announcing our 2014-2015 Executive Board!

President of Internal Affairs: Allison Durkin
President of External Affairs: Raymond Zhu
Tournament Directors: Loryn Helfmann, Breanne Porter, Chloe Larkin
Finance Director: Jonathan Esty
Publicity Director: Andrew Tran
Social Chair: Ralph Molina

Looking forward to a great year!

APRIL 14, 2014

Yale A earns Honorable Mention at Nationals!

The YMTA capped a successful season as both Yale A and B finished with strong performances in Orlando. Yale A (6-6) earned an Honorable Mention by placing 14th in the Professor William R. Eleazer Division. Yale B finished with a record of 4-7-1 in the Dean Bruce R. Jacob Division.

A special congratulations to sophomore Allison Durkin (23 ranks) for her All-American Witness award!

MARCH 16, 2014


Yale's A and B teams competed at the Philadelphia ORCS this weekend, and both earned berths to the National Championship Tournament in Orlando! Yale A (6-0-2 at Regionals) continued its undefeated run with a record of 7-0-1, finishing in 1st place. Yale B (6-2) took 5th place, earning the YMTA two bids to the National Tournament for the first time in over a decade.

Congratulations to Vinay Nayak (18 ranks), who won an Outstanding Attorney award, and Travis Hutchinson (19 ranks Π/18 ranks Δ), who won an Outstanding Witness award.

Next stop, Orlando!

FEBRUARY 26, 2014

The YMTA has just released our first issue of the Alumni Magazine! It features short biographies of many of our former members, sharing where they've been and what they've been involved with since YMTA. It also includes information about our results as an association this season. View the magazine here.

FEBRUARY 23, 2014

Yale A earned 1st place at the Boston Regional this weekend with a record of (6-0-2)! Captain Vinay Nayak (18 ranks) was recognized as an Outstanding Attorney.

Yale's A and B teams will now compete at the Philadelphia ORCS on March 15-16, aiming to secure bids to the National Tournament in Orlando.

FEBRUARY 9, 2014

Yale qualified for ORCS this weekend with exceptional performances from all three teams that competed. Team Banjoe Swap (6-2) finished in 3rd place at the New Haven Regional, while Yale B (5-3) finished in 8th. Chloe Larkin (15 ranks) was recognized as an Outstanding Witness.

Team Django (5-3) traveled to Rhode Island and competed in AMTA's Bristol Regional, taking 8th place at the tournament.

Special thanks to Tournament Directors Allison Durkin, Loryn Helfmann, and Amelia Clark, who have been working hard for months to run this weekend's successful regional competition!

In two weeks, Yale A will compete at the Boston Regional Tournament, looking to secure a bid to the Philadephia ORCS.

JANUARY 26, 2014

Yale sent four teams to two invitationals this weekend, and each finished with exceptional results.

Yale A and Yale B competed at Cornell's Big Red Invitational Classic and swept the tournament, finishing with 8-0 and 7-1 records and taking home the first and second place trophies. Vinay Nayak (20 ranks) and Robert Peck (18 ranks) were recognized as Outstanding Attorneys.

Team Django and Team Banjoe Swap traveled to Amherst and competed at the University of Massachusetts' Commonwealth Classic. Both teams finished with 6-2 records, with Team Django taking 6th place and Team Banjoe Swap earning 7th. Jeffrey Guo (18 ranks) was recognized as an Outstanding Attorney.

DECEMBER 8, 2013

After four rounds of competitive Mock Trial, the 18th annual Yale Invitational has come to a close. Congratulations to Yale University, winners of the Villains Bracket, and Brandeis University, winners of the Heroes Bracket!

Click here to view the tab summary from the 2013 Yale Invitational. The manual for the Weighted Partial Ballots system used at the tournament can be viewed here.

A huge thanks to all the teams that competed this weekend, and we all wish you a safe trip home!

DECEMBER 6, 2013

A big welcome to the 42 teams competing at the Yale Invitational this weekend! We're looking forward to four fun, competitive rounds these next couple of days. Check back soon for round pairings and updates from New Haven!

NOVEMBER 17, 2013

Congratulations to American Heritage High Schoool: Boca Delray (7-1), our 2013 Bulldog Invitational champion!

Here are the results from this weekend's tournament (the full tab summary can be viewed here):

2nd Place: Fort Thomas Highlands High School (5-3, CS: 19)
3rd Place: Roman Catholic High School (5-3, CS: 15.5, PD: +35)
Honorable Mention: Lowndes High School (5-3, CS: 15.5, PD: +32)

Outstanding Attorneys:
Ariana Bagherian: 20 Ranks, Defense
Rayne Sullivan: 20 Ranks, Defense
Kat Mail: 18 Ranks, Defense
Emma Perez: 17 Ranks, Plaintiff
Kyle Westerfer: 17 Ranks, Plaintiff
Savannah Pierce: 17 Ranks, Defense
Nikki Moser: 17 Ranks, Plaintiff
Corrine Ghannoum: 17 Ranks, Plaintiff

Outstanding Witnesses:
Collier Mutert: 20 Ranks, Defense; 16 Ranks, Plaintiff
Ava Vardiman: 20 Ranks, Defense
Ryan McCurry: 18 Ranks, Plaintiff
Jessie Stiles: 18 Ranks, Defense
Hailey Moll: 18 Ranks, Defense
Luke Haber: 17 Ranks, Defense
Maria Riillo: 16 Ranks, Defense

A huge thank you to all the teams that made the journey to New Haven and competed this weekend. We all wish you a safe trip back home and we hope to see you at the 2014 Bulldog Invitational!

NOVEMBER 14, 2013

Yale welcomes the following teams as competitors at the 2013 Bulldog Invitational Tournament!

American Heritage High School, Boca Delray
American Heritage High School, Plantation
Bishop Guertin High School
The Derryfield School
Fairfield Warde High School
Fletcher High School
Fort Thomas Highlands High School
Lowndes High School
Marshfield High School
Roman Catholic High School
Souhegan High School

Good luck to all the teams competing this weekend!

NOVEMBER 3, 2013

Yale sent two teams to two different invitationals this weekend, and both finished tremendously!

Team GAMTI Champs competed at the Great American Mock Trial Invitational and finished in 9th place with a strong record of 8-8. Vinay Nayak (39 ranks) and Raymond Zhu (37 ranks) won Outstanding Attorney awards, and Travis Hutchinson (37 ranks) won an Outstanding Witness award!

Team Objectasaurus competed at the Brandeis Invitational Tournament and secured an Honorable Mention, finishing in 6th place with another solid record of 5-3. Congratulations to Outstanding Attorney Loryn Helfmann (18 ranks)!

Looking forward to competing at our next tournament, the 18th annual Yale Invitational!

OCTOBER 27, 2013

In YMTA's opening weekend of the 2013-2014 season, Yale Teams Inchwyrms and Tranbait (formerly Trandeis) competed at the Columbia University Big Apple Invitational Tournament (CUBAIT) and came back with spectacular results!

Team Inchwyrms finished in 2nd place with an impressive record of 6-1-1, while Team Tranbait earned an Honorable Mention, finishing in 11th place with a record of 4-3-1.

An Outstanding Attorney award went to Skyler Ross, who finished with 17 ranks. Charles Kwenin (18 ranks) and Jonathan Esty (15 ranks) were awarded Outstanding Witness awards.

We're looking forward to an extremely successful season!


Congratulations and a big welcome to our new members: Travis Hutchinson, Eric Abney, Minsun Cha, Simone Seiver, Vanessa Holman, Eleanor Runde, Joe Li, Nasos Abuel, Chloe Larkin, Andy Hill, Shreyas Ravishankar, Jonathan Esty, Josh Young, Priya Sundaresan, and Kerry Burke-McCloud!


Tryouts for the 2013-2014 Mock Trial season are underway!

MAY 20, 2013

Congratulations to our newly-graduated members: Annie Wang, Isaac Park, and Arziki Adamu!

APRIL 27, 2013

Announcing our new Executive Board for 2013-2014!
President of External Affairs: Wendy Cai
President of Internal Affairs: Alex Feiock
Tournament Directors: Amelia Clark, Allison Durkin, Loryn Helfmann
Publicity Director: Andrew Tran
Finance Director: Raymond Zhu
Social Chair: Johnny Golding

APRIL 20, 2013

The Yale Mock Trial Association concluded its season today with a celebratory banquet at Sushi Mizu in New Haven. Superlatives such as “Least Likely to Succeed,” “Most Seoul,” “Most Flo,” and “Most Likely to Get Away with Murder” were awarded. Click on our Photos tab to see pictures from our banquet!

APRIL 14, 2013

This weekend, Yale ended the season strongly by placing 11th in the Robert S. Mueller Division at the National Tournament in Washington, D.C.! With 48 of the nation’s top trial teams heading to D.C. for the national championship, placing 11th was a significant feat for the association. The team, made up of senior Annie Wang, juniors Vinay Nayak, Abby Walter, and Amelia Clark, sophomores Robert Peck and Ella Wood, and freshmen Daniel Stern, Allison Durkin, and Johnny Golding, hit the University of Washington, Rhodes College, Harvard, and Villanova in four thrilling rounds of Mock Trial. A special congratulations to captain Vinay Nayak (25 ranks) for his All-American Attorney award!

MARCH 24, 2013

Yale 1557 was recognized as an Outstanding Trial Team this weekend at the Hamilton ORCS, hosted by Miami University. With a 5-3 record, Team 1557 earned a bid to the National Championship Tournament in Washington, D.C.! Congratulations to Vinay Nayak, who with 17 ranks was recognized as an Outstanding Attorney.

FEBRUARY 24, 2013

Yale Team 1557 secured a bid to ORCS this weekend at the New Haven Regional! The outstanding trial team placed fifth with 5.5 wins and a CS of 18.5. Yale Team 1558 also secured an open bid to ORCS! The team was awarded an Honorable Mention, with 4.5 wins and a CS of 18. Congratulations are also in order for Outstanding Witnesses Allison Durkin (20 ranks) and Ella Wood (16 ranks), and Outstanding Attorneys Vinay Nayak (18 ranks) and Abby Walter (17 ranks). Thanks also to Tournament Directors Corinne Ruth and Lionel Rodriguez for setting up and running the tournament (despite the snowstorm delay)!

FEBRUARY 17, 2013

Yale Team 1559 went toe-to-toe with some of the nation’s best trial teams at the Lancaster, Pennsylvania regional this weekend. Although the team did not snag a spot at ORCS, it finished with a strong record of 4-4. And considering the team consisted entirely of underclassmen, the future of our association certainly looks bright. Great job this weekend to Skyler, Jing, Danielle, Jeffrey, Yuxi, Ralph, Olivia, Connie, and Breanne!

JANUARY 27, 2013

Congratulations to Yale’s A and B teams, which both boasted strong showings at Cornell’s Big Red Invitational Classic this past weekend. Yale A finished with a 6-2 record and took 4th place at the tournament! Vinay Nayak (20 ranks) was recognized as an Outstanding Attorney and Johnny Golding was recognized as an Outstanding Witness for his portrayal of Frankie Fernandez. Next stop, AMTA regionals!

DECEMBER 2, 2012

Today marks the end of another fun yet competitive Yale Invitational! Much thanks to Corinne Ruth and Lionel Rodriguez for giving up their lives to organize the entire tournament and making sure it ran smoothly. Yale A (Beyoncé) finished in 3rd place with an impressive record of 9-3 (CS: 26.5) in the Pop Queens Division! Yale B (Adam Levine) finished in 5th place with a record of 7-5 (CS: 29) in the Pop Kings Division. Also in this division, Alex Feiock (27.5 ranks) and Ella Wood (26 ranks) were awarded the Outstanding Attorney and Outstanding Witness awards.

So excited for next year’s Invitational!

OCTOBER 21, 2012

What a spectacular opening weekend for YMTA’s 2012-2013 season! In our best opening weekend performance to date, YMTA sent four teams to three different invitationals and earned the following results:

2nd Place at the Guardian Invitational, hosted by the Coast Guard Academy
5th Place at CUBAIT, hosted by Columbia University
4th Place at the Happy Valley Invitational, hosted by Penn State

Abby Walter and Robert Peck were awarded Outstanding Attorney awards at Coast Guard and Penn State, while Johnny Golding, Ali Lohman, and Vincent Mitchell were awarded Outstanding Witness awards at CUBAIT and Penn State.

We’re looking forward to an extremely successful season!


Congratulations and a big welcome to our new members: Clé Dupuy, Allison Durkin, Johnny Golding, Jeffrey Guo, Loryn Helfmann, Sofia John, Yuxi Liu, Ali Lohman, Vincent Mitchell, Ralph Molina, Breanne Porter, Skyler Ross, Daniel Stern, Andrew Tran, Olivia Walker, Connie Wang, and Raymond Zhu!

APRIL 2012

Announcing our new Executive Board for 2012-2013!
President of External Affairs: Abby Walter
President of Internal Affairs: Vinay Nayak
Tournament Directors: Lionel Rodriguez and Corinne Ruth
Finance Director: Wendy Cai
Communications Director: Robert Peck
Networking Directors: Amelia Clark and Eric Baudry

Looking forward to working together with all of you!


Brief Employment Law Guidelines

Students all around the country are involved in Mock Trial. Many of them will go on to be lawyers and some will practice law, but not all will. Many university programs have JD/MBA degrees, allowing students to get a master’s level education in both Business Administration and a Juris Doctorate. A large number of these students who earn a Law Degree do not go on to practice law; rather, having the law degree allows them to be productive in other industries. Someone working within an executive level position within a large organization might be able to assume more responsibilities within the corporation due to their law background. If you are working for a start-up in San Francisco and you are hiring a large number of employees, you won’t have to spend extra time and resources coordinating with an employment lawyer in San Francisco; instead, you could utilize resources in house to be productive. If you are going to be working within employment law, it will be important for employers to remember some of the following tips about hiring an employee.

• Obtain an EIN – All employers in the US must obtain an employment identification number, which is critical for filing taxes and other business related details.
• Set up records withholding – The IRS states that employers have to keep employment records for at least 4 years on Federal Income Tax Withholding, Federal Wage and Tax Statement and if applicable State Tax.
• Employment Eligibility Verification – You are responsible for ensuring that all of your employees are eligible to work in the United States.
• Register with your State’s New Hire Program – Must report newly hired employees within 20 days.
• Workers Compensation Insurance – All employers are required to carry workers compensation insurance based on the guidelines within their state.
• Post Required Notices – Certain employee rights notices must be placed in visible areas around the workplace.
• Set up Recordkeeping – Following all of the above procedures won’t help your business unless you keep proper records for your company.