Rohit De, Assistant Professor of History

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November 12, 2014
Guest: Graeme Auld, Visiting Associate Professor of Canadian Studies and Political Science
Subject: The rise and evolution of forest, coffee, and fisheries certification


November 5, 2014
Guest: Louisa Lombard, Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Subject: Central African Republic


October 29, 2014
Guest: Howard Dean, Senior Fellow, Jackson Institute
Subject: U.S. foreign policy


October 22, 2014
Guest: Carlos Eire, Professor of History and Religious Studies
Subject: What it’s like to write two very different kinds of history


October 15, 2014
Guest: Raila Odinga, former prime minister of Kenya
Subject: The state of democracy in Africa



Episode: November 19, 2014


Rohit De is an assistant professor of history at Yale University. He is an historian of modern South Asia and is particularly interested in legal history and comparative constitutional law. Professor De has assisted Chief Justice K.G. Balakrishnan of the Supreme Court of India and has worked on constitution reform projects in Nepal and Sri Lanka. We talk with Rohit De about The Republic of Writs: Litigious Citizens, Constitutional Law and Everyday Life in India.

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