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Yale Journal of International Affairs

publishes the work of graduate students, professors, and practitioners within the policy community. YJIA strives to facilitate discussion of international affairs as a platform for scholarship and commentary. The views expressed in this journal do not necessarily represent those of the editorial board, board of advisors, or Yale University.

The Globalist:
Yale College Journal of International Affairs

As Yale's only undergraduate international affairs magazine, The Yale Globalist is written, edited, and produced by Yale students. Four issues are released each year, two in the fall semester and two in the spring semester. Each issue is comprised of theme articles focusing on a topic voted by the staff to be of great contemporary importance, and off-theme articles covering a range of international issues. Past themes have included the Education System in China, Energy as a means of Politics, the American Military Abroad, and the Rise of the Left in Latin America.

Each year, The Yale Globalist conducts an international research trip during the month of May in order to produce the October issue of the following year. Previous destinations include France, Germany, China, Poland, Lithuania and Belarus.

In addition to producing a quarterly publication, The Yale Globalist is host to many exciting events on campus. In prior years, this has included an International Photo Contest, Interviews with the World Fellows Program, an Editing Workshop with the London Bureau Editor of Time Magazine, The Yale Globalist International Journalist of the Year Award, and a conference on "The Role of Journalism in International Justice," in which journalists from seven post-conflict countries were represented.

In 2005, The Globalist Foundation was founded to spread The Yale Globalist model, forming a network of international publications at top Universities across the world. Over the past year, Globalist chapters have been established in such countries as Canada, Australia, England, South Africa, Israel, and China.

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The Politic

Published semiannually, The Politic features articles and commentary from students, professors, and prominent national politicians. The Politic is able to empower students by providing them access to the experience and insights of some of the most prominent political leaders and thinkers of our time.

Inspired by the need for undergraduates’ participation in debates about the 2000 Presidential election, several Yale College students inaugurated The Politic in spring 2001 as a means to keep the greater Yale community informed about the most important local, national, and global events in the political world. Building upon the rich political heritage of Yale University, The Politic strives to promote greater understanding and cooperation between the academic world and the world of politics.

This publication was made possible through support by The MacMillan Center and the Yale Institution for Social and Policy Studies, as well as by the Castle Publications Fund. John K. Castle endowed the Fund in memory of his ancestor, James Pierpont. It is intended to promote discipline reflection on ethical issues facing individuals in our complex modern society.

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