Electronic Guide for Submissions

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Type of submission:

Personal Recollection
Memorabilia and Mementos
Books and Publications

We accept a wide variety of formats. Please find the section below that pertains to the type of submission, and describe its format to the best of your ability.

The information you provide will aid us in categorizing your item, from which point we may contact you and begin to guide you through the rest of the submission process.  Thank you.

Submission Description:

Personal Recollection


Author's Name:

Date Recorded:

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Existing work         Newly written



Memorabilia and Mementos

  Digital Reproduction or photo
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  Physical object (example: textbook, cricket bat, newspapers, artifacts)

Books and Publications

  Title from "Rare Gems"
  Title from "Core List"
  Not on either list
Publication date:

Items donated to the Yale University Library will be made available for research use in the Yale University Library as soon as they have been received arranged, and catalogued.

The donor may choose to grant to Yale University all copyright and other property rights in the items given, or may choose to retain during his or her lifetime all copyright and other property rights held in those items donated to the SAIM project and Yale University.

Though most donors will have no need to limit access to collections of text they possess, the option of placing restrictions on access to a collection is always available.

These options and further explanation of deed of gift will be presented to the donor upon our contact.  We can only do this upon receiving a description of the item you wish to donate, which we desire in the format of this Submission Form.