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Features Archive 2012/2013

Indian foresters learn state-of-the art methods in mid-career training at Yale

PhD Graduates Launch Careers Across the Globe

Graduating Students Recognized for Research on South Asia

Students Pursue Summers of Language and Learning

Faculty Appointments Expand the Study of South Asian History at Yale

Developing the South Asia Library Collections

Modern South Asia Workshop Marks Fifth Anniversary

Ashwini Deo Receives Prestigious CAREER Award from NSF

Iftekhar Iqbal Discusses Imperial Waterspace in India and China

Yale Team to Explore Needs of Low-Carbon Cities of the Future

Contested Retro-botanizing and Embedded Traditions in Colonial Bengal

Ummu Salma Bava Discusses Indian Foreign Policy in a Changing World

The Arts of Islam at Yale

From Dongguan to Delhi: Yale Students Examine Urbanization and the Environment in China and India

Gunnel Cederlöf Examines Nature and Empire on India’s Northeastern Frontiers

Himalayan Exhibit Unites Regional Artifacts

Political Science Sees Expanded Focus on South Asia

Dipti Khera Examines the Analytics of Praise and Place-making in Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century Rajasthan

Rights, Education, and Dalit Women’s Empowerment: Jotiba Phule and B.R. Ambedkar’s fashioning of feminist technologies in Colonial Western India

Inequality and Affirmative Action: Situating Nepal in Global Debates

Hindi Program Sees Decade of Expansion

Harris Solomon Examines the Body Politics of Obesity and Comparison in India

G. Foreign Language Teaching Assistant Enriches Hindi Programming

Climate Change in the Indian Mind

G. Balachandran Discusses Subaltern Cosmopolitanism in the Imperial Metropole

Doctoral fieldwork yields new insights on contemporary India

New Visiting Scholars Direct Focus on South Asia

Raminder Kaur Kahlon Speaks about Post-Nehruivan Narratives in Indian Film

Doctoral fieldwork yields new insights on contemporary India

Raminder Kaur Kahlon Speaks about Post-Nehruivan Narratives in Indian Film

Alf Nilsen Examines Democratic Struggles in the Adivasi Heartland

Rupa Viswanath Speaks of Producing the Social in Colonial South India

Yale Himalaya Workshop: A Regional Dialogue

Laura Bear Examines the Place of Friendship in Bureaucratic Practice on the Hooghly River

Indian Parliamentarians Ponder Global Issues During Leadership Program

Anand Yang Speaks of Indian Convict Tales from Nineteenth Century Singapore

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New Course Offerings Enrich South Asian Studies Curriculum