March 30, 2013

Welcome and Opening Remarks (9.15 – 9.30 AM)
K. Sivaramakrishnan, Chair, South Asian Studies Council, Yale University

Panel I: Writing Agency (9.30 - 10.45 AM)
Chair: Shailaja Paik, Yale University

Encompassing the Totality of Women’s Experiences: Indian Feminist Publishing, 1984-Present
Elen Turner, Australian National Univers

Gender Equity and Inheritance Reform: Evidence from Rural India
Rachel Brulé, Stanford University

Discussant: Tanika Sarkar, Yale University

Panel II: Technologies of Development (11.00 AM – 1.00 PM)
Chair: Sadia Saeed, Yale University

In Quest of  Plenty:  Hunger and Agricultural Technology in India, 1955-67
Madhumita Saha, Iowa State University

Standards of Living: National Design of Small Industries (1958—1975)
Anthony Acciavatti, Princeton University

‘Developing’ a Borderland: Geopolitical Implications in India’s Northeast
Babyrani Yumnam, SUNY Binghamton

Discussant: Nicholas Wilson, Yale University

Panel III: Claims-Making and Governmentality (2.30 – 4.30 PM)
Chair: Jennifer Bussell, Yale University

A Bottom-Up View of the State: Investigating Citizen Claim-Making Strategies in Rural India
Gabrielle Kruks-Wisner, Harvard University

State Histories and Community Ethnographies: Shifting Agriculturalists, Regional States and the East India Company in Darjeeling, 1800 to 1850s
Catherine Warner, University of Washington

Love in the Time of PTSD: Loss, Longing, and Addiction in Kashmir
Saiba Varma, Cornell University

Discussant: Sara Shneiderman, Yale University


March 31, 2013

Panel IV: Negotiating Marginality (9.00 - 11.00 AM)
Chair: Sadia Saeed, Yale University

The Theatre of the Check Post in South Asia: Humiliation, Harassment and Resistance: Afghans in Pakistan & Kashmiris in India
Sanaa Alimia
, School of Oriental and African Studies

Choreographing Inclusivity: The Tree, the Dancer, and the Nation
Feriyal Aslam, Pakistan Institute of Development Economics

Negotiating Collective Identity for Differentiated Citizenship: Processes of Articulation and Positioning in the Chittagong Hill Tracts, Bangladesh
Nausheen Quayyum,
York University

Discussant: Julia Stephens, Harvard University

Panel V: Spaces and Places of Belonging (12.00 – 2.30 PM)
Chair: K. Sivaramakrishnan, Yale University

City of Edges
Aneesha Dharwadker, Harvard University

Hubs and Hinterlands: Tracing a Lamenting Urbanity along a Rural-Urban Corridor
Atreyee Majumder, Yale University

The One Who Speaks: Possession, Healing, and the Poetics of Place Making
Aftab Singh Jassal,
Emory University

The Ground Beneath their Feet: Articulating Property Regime to the Social Life of an Urban Neighbourhood
Madhura Lohokare,
Syracuse University

Discussant: Shafqat Hussain, Trinity College

Closing Discussion (2.45 – 4.00 PM)
Chair: K. Sivaramakrishnan, Yale University

Sadia Saeed, Yale University
Shailaja Paik,
Yale University
Jennifer Bussell
, Yale University