Medical Anthropology at the Intersections:
Celebrating 50 Years of Interdisciplinarity


Poster Specifications

The poster session will be an exciting and well-attended event, featuring a cocktail hour! Presenters will stand in front of their posters, discussing their research with attendees; thus you should think of your poster as a visual aid that will inform others of the key elements of your research and spark more in-depth discussions.

Posters may be up to 4 feet by 4 feet in size.

Push pins for hanging your poster will be provided (you are responsible for bringing any other materials you’d like to use).

There will not be tables in front of the posters, and the posters will not be near power outlets.

You are not required to submit a copy of your poster to the conference organizers, and we place no limitations on your choice of content (number of pictures, etc.).

There is no convenient copy/printing store near the Yale campus, so we urge you to print your poster in advance of the conference and bring it with you.

For detailed how-to information (including tips on poster design, how to use PowerPoint to make your poster and how to get it printed) see the excellent article “Creating Anthropology Conference Posters: A Guide for Beginners” by Jason E. Miller and John K. Trainor. While some of their details are specific to the AAA meeting, their tips will be useful in creating your SMA conference poster.