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Visiting Scholars

Through the generous support of benefactors, visiting scholars from all over the world are invited to The MacMillan Center to conduct research, teach courses, and interact with students, staff and faculty. The Center, in conjunction with its various Councils, Departments, and Programs, is proud to host the following visiting scholars for 2013-2014:

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The MacMillan Center

Visiting Professors, Visiting Fellows
Michael Reed-Hurtado
Coca-Cola World Fund Faculty Fellow and Senior Lecturer in Latin American Studies (spring 2014)
Consultant, Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) Research Interests: Perpetration patterns of gross violations of human rights; Public policy and human rights; Justice; Security; Victim’s rights.
Teaching: Criminal Law and Mass Atrocity: Beliefs, Promises and Limits (Spring 2014)
Aaron Dhir
Bicentennial Canadian Studies Visiting Professor of Law and Global Justice Senior Fellow
Research Interest: Connections between transnational business activity and international human rights with special focus on Canada and other cases
Teaching: Transnational Corporations & Human Rights (Fall 2013, SOM); Race & Gender in Corporate Law, Governance & Theory (Spring 2014, Law)
Martin Wittenberg
Henry Hart Rice Family Foundation, Visiting Professor
Professor in the School of Economics, University of Cape Town
Teaching: Measuring Well-Being: Concepts and Applications (Fall 2013)
Se-Woong Koo
Henry Hart Rice Family Foundation, Faculty Fellow
Korea Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow at l’École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales
Research Interest: History of Korean Religion
Teaching: Korean Art and Culture (Fall 2013); Religion and National Identity in Modern Korea (Spring 2014)
Post-Doctoral Associates, Fellows and Lecturers
Alissa Ardito (spring 2014)
Post-Doctoral Associate and Lecturer, Political Science
Research Interest: Madison and Machiavelli
Teaching: Machiavelli (Spring 2014)
Lucas Thompson
Post-Doctoral Associate and Lecturer, Political Science
Research Interest: American political thought and development; Crisis government; American foreign policy
Teaching: Emergency Powers (Spring 2014)
Rajashree Mazumder
Post-Doctoral Associate and Lecturer, Inter-Asia Initiative and History
Research: Modern south and southeast Asia, Burma, colonialism and imperialism, migration in the Indian Ocean arena, labor and urban history
Teaching: Migration in the Indian Ocean Basin (Fall 2013)
Chika Watanabe
Post-Doctoral Associate and Lecturer, Inter-Asia Initiative and Anthropology
Research Interest: Production and effects of social relations, intimacy, and the politics of temporality, for example, in the cultural encounters between various aid actors (NGO workers, aid recipients, supporters, donors).
Teaching: Humanitarianism across Asia (Spring 2014)
Dunja Larise
Post-Doctoral Fellow
Research Interest: Islamic and Liberal democratic theories concerning inequality and redistribution, as well as their impacts on social movements.

Council on African Studies
Visiting Professors, Visiting Fellows
Jeremy Seekings (Fall 2013)
Visiting Professor and Research Scholar, African Studies and Political Science
Professor of Political Studies and Sociology, University of Cape Town; Director, Centre for Social Science Research  
Research interest: Adolescence, race and class, violence, AIDS and poverty, social policy, and politics in South Africa
Teaching: Race and Class in Comparative Perspective (Fall 2013); Comparative Welfare Policy in Developing Countries (Fall 2013)
Biola Philips (spring 2014)
Visiting Associate Professor, African Studies and Economics
Associate Professor, Economics Depaertment, COLMAS, Federal University of Agriculture, Nigeria
Research Interest: Agriculture and technology in Africa
Teaching: Agriculture, Technology and the Environment in Africa and Economic Development in Africa (Spring 2014)
Post Doctoral Associates and Lecturers
Serah Shani
Lecturer in African Studies
Research Interest: Socio-cultural and political anthropology, Africa and the African Diaspora, education, migration, transnationalism and development
Teaching: Topics in African Studies (spring 2014)

Council on East Asian Studies 
Visiting Professors, Visiting Fellows
Kiyoshi Jinno
Visiting Fellow
Research Interest: Japanese legal history and donation culture in medieval Japan
Jeremy Wallace
Visiting Assistant Professor, China Program and Political Science
Research Interest: Student advising in fields related to his interest and active participation in the academic and social communities of the MacMillan Center.
Post Doctoral Associates and Lecturers
Nathan Hopson
Post-Doctoral Associate and Lecturer
Research: Postwar regionalism and culturalism in Japan
Teaching: Nationalisms in Modern Japan (Fall 2013)
Hyung-wook Kim
Post-Doctoral Associate and Lecturer
Research Interest: Collective memory in East Asia through the comparative study of the adoption and development of nationalism in Korea and other countries including China and Japan 
Teaching: Topics in East Asian History: Territorial Disputes, the ‘History Wars,’ and Collective Memory (Spring 2014) 
Kwangmin Kim (fall 2013)
Post Doc Associate and Lecturer
Research Interest: Early Modern Chinese History (the Ming-Qing Period); the Transformation of the Chinese Borderlands and the East Asian World Order from the Fourteenth to the Nineteenth Century; the Role of Colonialism and Transnational Trade in East Asia
Yinxing Liu
Post-Doctoral Associate and Lecturer
Research Interest: Classic literati landscape motifs, themes, iconography, and aesthetics reflected and re-appropriated in Chinese cinema between the 1950s and 1980; the phenomenon of “double image” in Chinese popular photography and film; and the interaction between Chinese contemporary avant-garde art (post-1980) and film.
Teaching: Picturing Home and Country in Chinese Cinema (Spring 2014)
Ran Zwigenberg
Post-Doctoral Associate and Lecturer
Research Interest: introduction of atomic energy into Japan, especially pertaining to the role played by Hiroshima city and the hibakusha community, and commemoration of the atomic bomb in Hiroshima in the context of the global development of Holocaust and WWII memory
Teaching: Mid Century Ruptures: History, Memory and Trauma through a Global Prism (Spring 2014)

Council on European Studies
Visiting Professors, Visiting Fellows
Bernhard Schima
European Union Visiting Fellow
Research Interest: European Union Law with particular interests in EU constitutional law – with focus on the division of powers and fundamental rights – and the internal market
Carlo Taviani
Visiting Fellow, Fall 2013
Research Interest: Privatized States- European Corporations and their Lands from the Casa di San Giorgio to the East India Companies (15th-18th Centuries)
Post Doctoral Associates and Lecturers
Eneken Laanes
Post-Doctoral Associate, Baltic Studies
Research: Multidirectional acts of memory in Baltic literature, art, and film
Irina Matijosaitiene, Spring 2014
Post-Doctoral Associate, Baltic Studies
Research: Urban crime and social spatial structure of city
Sarah Kinkel
Lewis Walpole Library Post-Doctoral Associate
Research: Eighteenth Century Studies
Nicholas Wilson
British Studies Post-Doctoral Fellow and Lecturer in European Studies and History
Teaching: Comparative and Historical Methods (Spring 2014)

Council on Latin American and Iberian Studies
Visiting Fellows and Lecturers
Concepcion Delgado
Visiting Fellow
Research Interest: Cultural identities, otherness and citizenship and their relationship to fragile democracies
Brian Fried
Lecturer in Latin American Studies and Political Science
Teaching: Brazil: Land of the Future (Fall 2013)

Council on Middle East Studies
Visiting Professors and Fellows
Yuval Sinai
Visiting Professor, Shusterman Visiting Professor of Jewish Law at Yale
Research Interest: Judaic and Middle Eastern Studies
Teaching: Modern Applications of Jewish law in the State of Israel ( fall 2013); Jewish Law in a Multicultural and Pluralistic Society - Law and Religion (fall 2014)
Hassan Barari
Visiting Fellow
Research Interest: The dynamics of instability and lack of reform in Jordan
Joanna deGroot
Visiting Fellow
Research Interest: Iranian and Middle Eastern Studies

Council on South Asian Studies
Visiting Professors and Fellows
Yingjie Wei
Visiting Fellow
Research Interest: An inter-ethnic study in a multi-national society
Post Doctoral and Post Graduate Fellows and Associates
Asiya Alam
Post-doctoral Associate and Lecturer
Teaching: History of Modern South Asia (Fall 2013)
Research Interest: on South Asian History and the history of Muslim women and families in colonial India
Kedar Kulkarni
Post-Doctoral Associate and Lecturer
Teaching: Indian Theater, 1850 to the Present (Fall 2013)
Research Interest: Indian Literature, Cinema and Theater, with a focus on western India

Jackson Institute for Global Affairs   
Visiting Professors
Nicoli Nattrass (Fall term)
Visiting Professor and Research Scholar, Global Affairs and Economics
Professor, School of Economics and Director, AIDS and Society Research Unit, University of Cape Town
Research Interests: AIDS policy in South Africa; AIDS stigma; the social and economic factors driving HIV infection; global health citizenship
Teaching: The AIDS Epidemic –Gateway to Global Affairs; The Political Economy of AIDS in Africa (Fall 2013)
Martin Wittenberg
Rice Visiting Professor, Global Affairs and Economics
Professor of Economics and Econometrics at the University of Cape Town, and Director of Data First Resource Unit
Teaching: Measuring Well-Being: Concepts and Applications (Fall 2013)
Jackson Senior Fellows
Eric Braverman
Chief Executive Officer, Clinton Foundation
Teaching: Innovation in Government

Marc Grossman
Kissinger Senior Fellow
Vice Chairman, The Cohen Group; former U.S. Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan
Teaching: Creating a Twenty-First-Century Diplomacy (Fall 2013)
Nathaniel Keohane
Vice President for International Climate, Environmental Defense Fund
Teaching: Climate Change- Gateway to Global Affairs (Fall 2013)
Noah Kroloff
Former Chief of Staff of the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
Teaching: Capstone Course on Immigration Reform (Fall 2013)
Luis Moreno-Ocampo
Former first Prosecutor of the new and permanent International Criminal Court, Distinguished Visiting Scholar at NYU
Teaching: Interaction between UN Security Council and ICC (Spring 2014)
Asha Rangappa
Associate Dean, Yale Law School
Teaching: National Security Law (Fall 2013)
Ted Wittenstein
Executive Director, Johnson Center for the Study of American Diplomacy
Teaching: Intelligence, Espionage, and American Foreign Policy (Fall 2013)
Bo Hopkins
Teaching: Social Enterprise in Developing Economies II (Fall 2013)
Post Graduate Fellow
Colonel Mark Landes
Army Senior Service College Fellow

Georg Walter Leitner Program in International and Comparative Political Economy
Visiting Professors, Visiting Fellows
Eric “Rick” Bond
Leitner Visiting Professor of International and Comparative Political Economy
Professor of Economics, Vanderbilt University
Research Interest: international trade agreements
Post Doctoral Associates and Lecturers
Ruben Durante
Leitner Fellow in International and Comparative Political Economy
Research Interest: Comparative and international political economy
Teaching: Topics in Political Economics (Fall 2013); Empirical political economy with a focus on the media (Spring 2014)
Mircea Popa
Leitner Post-Doctoral Research Associate in International and Comparative Political Economy
Research Interest: Comparative and international political economy
Teaching: Spring 2014 (TBA)
Program on Democracy and the Initiative on Representative Institutions
Visiting Professors, Postdoctoral Associates and Lecturers
Alejandro Bonvecchi
Visiting Assistant Professor
Research Interest: the organization of the Executive in response to economic crises in the Americas Teaching: Economic Policy in Comparative Perspective (Fall 2013)
Eddie Camp
Post-Doctoral Associate and Lecturer
Research Interest: Comparative political economy
Teaching: States, Markets, and Rational Individuals (Fall 2013)

Genocide Studies Program

Visiting Fellows

Francis Ludlow (Spring 2014)
Visiting Fellow
Research Interest: Climate as Catalyst in 1,224 Years of Violence & Conflict in Ireland, AD 425-1649

Tristan Taylor
Visiting Fellow
Research Interest: Mass violence in the Roman world

Program on Global Justice 
Visiting Fellows
Julia Haenni
Visiting Fellow, Junior Judge at the Swiss Federal Supreme Court
Research Interests: Legal system of Swiss official development assistance (habilitation treatise).
Post Graduate Associates
Gilad Tannay
Post-Graduate Associate
Program on Order, Conflict and Violence
Christopher Sullivan
Post-Graduate Associate
Research Interest: Human rights, state repression and political conflict
Michael Weintraub
Post-Graduate Associate
Research Interest: Armed group behavior in multiparty civil wars

Fox International Fellows in residence at The MacMillan Center
For the full list of Fox Fellows to Yale and from Yale to Partner Institutions, please go to
From Bogaziçi University, Istanbul
Aysen Eren,
PhD Candidate, Environmental Science
Governance and Systematic Changes Associated with Small-Scale Hydropower Production in the Ikizdere Valley, Turkey
From Sidney Sussex College of Cambridge University, England
Aaron Thomas Bartels-Swindells,
Masters of Philosophy Candidate, English
Self-Determination and Mutual Production: Exploring the Intersection between Legal Discourses of Human Rights and Postcolonial Thought
From El Colegio de México, Mexico City
Marisol Ruiz,
Masters Candidate, Middle East Studies
The Role of Palestinian Women Citizens of Israel in the Palestinian-Israeli Peace Process
From Freie University, Berlin
Salvador Santino Regilme, Jr.,
PhD Candidate, Politics
Human Rights in the Age of Terror: Post-9/11 U.S. Foreign Policy in Southeast Asia
From Fudan University, Shanghai
Siming Yu,
PhD Candidate, Law
Legal Research on Venture Capital Exit Mechanisms: A Comparative Analysis of China and the United States
Yundi You,
PhD Candidate, History
The Financial Relationship between the Joint Board of the Four Government Banks and the U.S. during the 1940s
From Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris (Sciences Po), France
Elise Roumeas,
PhD Candidate, Political Science
Politics of Interfaith Dialogue: Liberal Pluralism, Religions, Reconciliation and Democracy
From Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
Amrita Nandy,
PhD Candidate, Comparative Polities and Political Theory
Feminist Debate on Motherhood and Choice: Non-Normative Women and Mothers in Delhi, India
From Moscow State University, Russia
Ashkhen Kazaryan,
PhD Candidate, Law
Legal Aspects of the International Regulation of Art
Anastasia Okorochkova,
PhD Candidate, Economics
The Role of Government Policy on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Economic Development
From the University of Cape Town, South Africa
Nonhlanhla (Philile) Mbatha,
PhD Candidate, Environmental and Geographical Science
Innovative Approaches to Coastal and Fisheries Governance: Livelihoods and      Sustainability in South Africa
Lwando Scott,
PhD Candidate, Sociology
Same-sex Marriage in South Africa
From the University of São Paulo, Brazil
Flavio Prol,
Masters Candidate, Law
The Emergence of a New Paradigm for Public Policy? Political Legitimacy, Law and Democracy in a Globalized World
From the University of Tel Aviv, Israel
Idan Barir,
PhD Candidate, Modern Middle Eastern History
A City in Reform, Reform in the City: Kirkuk in the Late Ottoman Period
Asaf Ziderman,
PhD Candidate, Philosophy
On Action and Dialogue in Martin Buber’s Thought: The Implications of a Dialogical Theory of Action for Contemporary Philosophy and Jewish Studies
From the University of Tokyo, Japan
Mayumi Shimizu,
PhD Candidate, Law and Politics
Police for Citizens: Police Work and Violence in Sao Paulo
Hana Ishikawa,
PhD Candidate, Law and Politics
Welfare Policy Change in the United States

Gilder Lehrman Center for the Study of Slavery, Resistance and Abolition
Visiting Professor
Kerry Ward
Visiting Associate Professor, Human Trafficking and Modern Day Slavery Fellowship
Associate Professor, Rice University
Teaching: Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking in Historical Perspective (Spring 2014)
Visiting Fellows
Celeste-Marie Bernier
Professor and Chair of African American Studies, University of Nottingham
Research Topic: Slavery and economic growth in Jamaica in the age of Abolition
Max Grivno
Assistant Professor, University of Southern Mississippi
Research Topic: From Bondage to Freedom, Slavery in Mississippi, 1690-1865
Natalie Irene Joy
Assistant Professor, Northern Illinois University
Research Topic: The Abolitionist Understanding of Indians and Slavery in the Antebellum Era
Caleb McDaniel
Assistant Professor, Rice University
Research Topic: Slaves taken to TX by Confederates during the Civil War
Joel Quirk
Senior Lecturer, University of Witwatersrand
Research Topic: History of wartime slavery and related forms of anti-slavery activism in Africa
Ahmed Reid
Assistant Professor, Bronx Community College of City University of New York (CUNY)
Research Topic: Slavery and economic growth in Jamaica in the age of Abolition
Post-Doctoral Associates
Padraig Riley
Assistant Professor, Dalhousie University
Research: Democratic ideology and slavery in early national America
Magnus Fiskesjö
Associate Professor, Cornell University
Research: Chinese slavery in global perspective
International Alliance of Research Universities
Visiting Professor – University of Tokyo
Takeshi Fukaya
Visiting Fellow, The Todai-Yale Initiative (Fall 2013)
Researcher, Graduate School for Law and Politics, University of Tokyo
Research Interest: Regulatory Reforms and their Consequences on Advanced Economies; the Japanese Regulatory System from a Comparative Perspective


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