Workshop Program


Yale University, Henry R. Luce Hall

34 Hillhouse Avenue

New Haven, Connecticut


Sessions to be held in Room 203


Friday, 24 April

2:30pm Opening Remarks

Jack Knight, Duke University
Margaret Levi, University of Washington, Seattle
Frances Rosenbluth, Yale University


2:45pm "Learning to Love Democracy: A Theory of Democratic Consolidation"
Milan Svolik, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Discussant: Mat McCubbins, University of California, San Diego


3:45pm Paper: "How Fiscal Pressures Drive Land Disputes and Shape Dispute Resolution
Mechanisms in Rural and Peri-Urban China"

Susan Whiting, University of Washington, Seattle
Discussant: Pierre Landry, Yale University


7:30pm Dinner
Foster's Restaurant
56 Orange Street
New Haven, Connecticut


Saturday, 25 April

8:00am Continental Breakfast
Common Room, Henry R. Luce Hall


8:30am "The Rule of Law in Latin America: Structural Origins, Institutional Manifestations?"
Daniel Brinks, University of Texas at Austin
Discussant: Margaret Levi, University of Washington, Seattle


9:30am "Courting Conflict: A Logic of Risky Judicial Decisions in Latin America"
Gretchen Helmke, University of Rochester and Jeffrey Staton, Emory University

Discussant: Georg Vanberg, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


10:45am "Local Level Legal Institutions and Development"
Varun Gauri, World Bank
Discussant: Jack Knight, Duke University


11:45am "The Rule of Law in Islamic Thought and Practice: A Historical Perspective"
Timur Kuran, Duke University
Discussant: John Ferejohn, New York University and Stanford University


12:45pm Lunch
Common Room, Henry R. Luce Hall


1:45pm Concluding Discussion