Religion and War - Philip Gorski and Vivek Sharma

PLSC 137 Religion and Violence - Vivek Sharma
TTh 2.30-3.45 WLH 119
An examination of the connection between religion and violence in historical and theoretical context. Given the vastness of the subject the primary focus of the course will be Western Eurasia with cursory examinations of other parts of the world.

EP&E 348/RLST 284/SOCY 344: Religious Pluralism and Politics - Philip Gorski
T 9.25-11.15 WLH 204
Consideration of the proper place for religious communities within democratic polities and the role that faith should play in politics. Review of the normative visions advanced by social and political philosophers (liberal, conservative, communitarian, and multicultural) in light of the historical experiences of pluralistic democracies (especially the United States and India, but also France and Germany)

HIST 204/RLST 159 History of Christianity 800-1500 - Carlos Eire
MW 1.30-2.20 GR109 ROSENFELD
A survey of the history of Christianity from the first century through the twelfth. Topics include the development of orthodoxy, the creation of the state church, the rise of monasticism, the advent of Muslim challenge, and the growing strain bwtween East and West. Readings focus on primary texts.

HIST 556: Popular Religion in Europe 1300-1700 - Carlos Eire
Th 1.30-3.20 HGS 221

INTS 354/PLSC 446 Comparative Welfare States - Sigrun Kahl
W 1.30-3.20 YK212 004A
Different societal solutions for dealing with social inequality and protecting citizens against the risks of old age, sickness, disability, unemployment, and poverty. Typologies of welfare state regimes and their historical roots, the politics of the welfare state, and the underlying moral and religious ethics.

INTS 389/ PLSC 415 Religion and Politics - Sigrun Kahl
A comparative and historically grounded investigation of the connection between religion and politics in Western Europe and the United States.