The Religion and Politics Colloquium

Spring 2013 • Mondays, 12:00-1:20pm • Room 102, Rosenkranz Hall, 115 Prospect Street
Lunch will be provided at 11:50am

January 28 • Dick Houtman, Sociology, Erasmus University
"Why New Age Spirituality is Less Privatized than They Say it is"

February 11 • Jonathan Wyrtzen, Sociology, Yale University
"The Commander of the Faithful and Moroccan Secularity"

February 18 • Jonathan Haidt, Psychology, NYU Stern School of Business
"Religion is a Team Sport"

March 4 • Melissa Wilde, Sociology, University of Pennsylvania
"Birth of the Culture Wars: How Race Divided American Religion"

March 25 • Matthias Koenig, Sociology, University of Goettingen
"Religious Mobilization and the Politics of Secularism in International Law"

April 8 • Elli Stern, Religious Studies, Yale University
"The Secular Origins of Religious Radicalism: Ultra-Orthodoxy and the American Public Sphere"

April 22 • Gareth Stedman Jones, History, Cambridge University/University of London
"Marx and the Village Community"


Generously sponsored by the Edward J. and Dorothy Clarke Kempf Fund

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