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Japan Geography, Culture, and Cuisine
Table of Contents
I. Notes on Pronunciation
II. For the Teacher
     A. Teaching About Japanese Food
     B. Suggested Classroom Activities
     C. Recipes
               Moon Noodles
               Eggplant Pickles
III. Module 1 - Geography
     A. Geographical Background
     B. Agriculture
IV. Module 2 - Types of Food
     A. Food Items
     B. Nutrition Pyramid/ Four Food Groups
     C. Some Foods Common to Both East and West
    D. Links for learning more and ordering food items
V. Module 3 - The Kitchen
     A. Cooking Utensils
     B. Cooking Methods
     C. Table Settings
     D. Additional Resources on Japanese Table Settings & Etiquette
VI. Module 4 - Food and Culture
     A. Food and Culture
     B. Differences Between Japanese and Chinese Food and Restaurants
VII. Bibliography
VIII. Creating Kits
       A. Japanese Utensil Kit
       B. Japanese Food Kit