PIER East Asian Studies

Curriculum Development

Exploring Ethnicities in China

Online Course: Fall 2002

As a follow-up of Summer Institute 2002, an online course was offered to all participants to assist them in completing a final course assignment: designing and publishing lesson plans on a theme, an area and an ethnic minority of their own choosing.  Since their completion in December 2002, these lesson plans have been edited and compiled in a collection shown below. 

We'd like to extend a note of thanks to the Freeman Foundation whose generous funding has made the publication of this collection possible.  All web version of lesson plans are courtesy of Yale Center of International and Area Studies who reserves the sole copy right of all lesson plans hereby published.

To retrieve a lesson plan, click on the title of the lesson plan.

Miao Minority, Judith Beal
Yaks, Yurts & Yogart , Kathleen Cietanno
Zhuang: China's Largest Minority, Elizabeth Downing and Mary Ann Hansen
Competing Tibetan National Stories, Janet Frazer
Defining China's Ethnic Minority, James Kiehle
The Geography of China, Michele Lasker and Joan Sizemore
China's Ethnic Minorities, Sharon Maloney
Farming in a Fishbowl, Carol Moakley and Patricia O'Leary
The History of Chinese Gardens, Nia Mason
Hajigul's Story, Marianne Saccardi
The Mongols and the Manchus, Thomas Saccardi
Building the Great Wall, Charlotte Scheckel
Xinjiang: A Bi-Cultural Perspective, Marilyn Strelau
Guess Who? Karen Ward
Who are these Chinese people? Alison Zhou