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Teaching about Latin America:
Focus on the Caribbean

PIER Summer Institute for Educators
July 8-19, 2002

Table of Contents  
Lesson Plans for Elementary Spanish Classes

Caribbean Cooking, Maria Tecocoatzi

La Isla, Jennifer Jasenski

Lesson Plans for High School, Community College ESL,
Spanish and History Classes

Narration about the Mirabal Sisters, Claudia-Bedoya Rose

Non-Violence Against Women Day, Claudia-Bedoya Rose

Exchanging Money in the Dominican Republic, Claudia-Bedoya Rose

Taino Influence on Spanish Vocabulary, Claudia-Bedoya Rose

Guantanamera and the Cuban Revolution, Eric Goodson

Introduction to the Caribbean, Lola Sagendorf

An Upbeat West Side Story:
Puerto Ricans and Postwar Racial Politics in Chicago,
Maureen West

In the Time of Butterflies: Character Analysis, Maureen West

Dominican Immigration: Understanding the Push-Pull Factors of Immigration
to the United States in the 1960's,
Elise Weisenbach