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American Histories: Native Peoples and Europeans in the Americas

This summer institute will focus on indigenous peoples of the Americas and their interactions with European groups in the centuries after first contact. We also will explore contemporary lives of indigenous peoples and consider relationships of indigenous Americans today to their histories. Addressing multiple indigenous American groups in the present-day United States and Latin America, the Institute will compare and contrast diverse experiences and engagements, including conflict, collaboration, and exchange of goods and ideas. Through a comparative and thematic approach, we will delve into the cultural diversity of indigenous peoples in the Americas before and after the arrival of Europeans.  

The Institute features: 
• participation in seminars led by world-class scholars, including Yale faculty;
• in-depth discussions about select indigenous groups and their exchanges with Europeans;
• introduction of practical tools to assist teachers in developing innovative content, approaches, and resources for effective classroom teaching.

The Institute is dedicated to promoting object-based learning and primary-source study and will offer opportunities for experience with collections in Yale’s museums and libraries, including the Yale Peabody Museum. All participants will receive guidance and support from the Teacher Advisor and outreach staff to prepare curricular materials, which can be included on PIER’s website. 

The Institute’s topics are relevant to social studies and language arts standards relating to learning about cultural diversity as well as cultural encounters and their effects on people in the past and present. Speakers from various academic disciplines, including history, anthropology, art history, and comparative literature, will introduce concepts that will be useful in promoting analysis and understanding both of particular historical cases examined in the Institute and others in world history.

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Sponsored by PIER and the Councils on African Studies, East Asian Studies, European Studies, Latin American and Iberian Studies, and Middle East Studies at Yale University with generous support from the Title VI National Resource Center Grants from the United States Department of Education.

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