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Arts in Action in the Middle East

July 11-16, 2005

While most media attention focuses on highly stigmatized political crises in the Middle East, few journalists have noted the role that arts and culture play in shaping and/or challenging public debates. In this six-day workshop, participants will explore the blurry lines between classical and popular art forms as they have developed throughout the Middle East. Most significantly, we will examine the current social and political significance of making art--including theatre, dance, film, visual arts, music, and literature--and in the process enjoy a fresh and modern view of society in this vibrant and dynamic region. Appropriate for all teaching levels or for those just looking to expand their cultural knowledge of the Middle East! A day trip to New York City will form an integral part of the program, and an optional field study in Morocco will follow the institute.

Tuition: $300

Sponsored by the Middle East Studies Council, YCIAS, and the U.S. Department of Education through a Title VI National Resource Center grant.

Click here to download brochure and application.

Click here to download itinerary for optional field study in Morocco.