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Black Gold:
The Geopolitics of Oil in the Middle East

July 10-14, 2006

Oil remains one of the world’s most precious and sought after commodities, and the most extensive reserves of this natural resource lie in the Middle East. Participants in this summer institute will examine in detail the role that oil has played in oil-rich Middle Eastern countries, their neighbors, and their partners in commerce. Beginning with the roots of oil as an article of trade, we will trace the geopolitical impacts of the development of the oil industry in the Middle East and beyond. Special attention will be paid to issues pertaining to the environment, trade policy, social impact, and of course, current political concerns. Followed by an optional field study to the Arabian/Persian Gulf.

Sponsored by the Middle East Studies Council, YCIAS, and the U.S. Department of Education through a Title VI National Resource Center grant.

Tuition for the New Haven program is $300. Field study price to be determined.