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PIER 2006 Summer Institutes

Keynote Speaker:


Monday, July 10; 10:30 AM
Luce Hall Auditorium

Teaching for Global Competence
Today’s teachers seek to prepare young people with the knowledge, skills and experiences needed for participation in an increasingly globally connected world.  In this presentation
Dr. Merryfield discusses several strategies that are especially effective in teaching
world cultures and global issues.

Merry Merryfield is a Professor of Social Studies and Global Education at The OhIo State University.  She has worked in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Nigeria, Kenya, Malawi and Botswana and was a visiting professor in Hong Kong 2005.  Her long-term research focuses on how teachers make decisions as they teach about the world across countries and cultures.  In the last eight years Merryfield has also looked at the use of electronic technology to develop cross-cultural understanding and to prepare teachers to teach global perspectives.  From 1981 – 1984, she served as outreach coordinator for Indiana University’s African Studies program. (view cv)