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Understanding Medvedev’s Russia

July 5- 17, 2009

The 28th annual Yale-Hopkins Summer Seminar will be held at Yale and in New York. The first week and a half will focus on content, examining the tumultuous events of the post-Soviet years in their historical, economic, and social context. Topics will include: political life and the ambiguous drift toward authoritarianism; a resurgent Russia’s relations with Ukraine, Georgia, and other neighbors of the “near abroad”; the economics of oil and reform; Russian-American relations; Russia and Europe; byt – getting by in everyday life; the future of Russian literature; Orthodoxy and religious conflict; soviet and post-soviet film; and education at the crossroads. Program includes an all-day field trip to New York City on Saturday, July 11. On the last three days, participants will take part in the NCSS-PIER Conference.

Registration fee for the two-week program is $250, and includes all texts and materials.

Sponsored by the Council on European Studies, the MacMillan Center, and the U.S. Department of Education through a Title VI National Resource Center grant. Co-sponsored by the Connecticut Geographic Alliance.