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The European Union:
Contemporary Challenges

July 7 - 16, 2008

The European Union and the United States both face the same great challenges today but often approach these complex problems in very different ways. Americans sometimes do not realize that we and our European partners have a lot to learn from each other about many crucial issues. This intensive nine-day seminar will give you all you need to teach about the EU and its approach to six vital topics. After a brief look at EU institutions and history, YHSS ‘08 will spend a full day on each of the following subjects: (1) immigration, population, and the nationalist backlash; (2) terrorism and security; (3) globalization and trade; (4) the erosion of the social safety net; (5) environment and climate change; and (6) constitutions, federalism, and regionalism. We will also touch upon trends in art and literature, US/European interdependence, and EU enlargement, and will spend one day in New York City at embassies and other sites. The reconstruction and unification of Europe is perhaps the most important political, economic, and social development of the past 50 years and participants in YHSS ’08 will come away well-equipped to teach their students about it. Upon completion of the program, Yale will grant teachers up to 6 CEUs.

Tuition for the week and a half is $150, which includes all texts and materials. Financial aid for travel, housing, and meals is available for qualified applicants.

Sponsored by the Council on European Studies, the MacMillan Center, and the U.S. Department of Education through a Title VI National Resource Center grant.