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Immersion Program: French West Africa / Focus on Senegal

July 21 - 23, 2008

What is the present relationship between France and its former colonies in West Africa? What is the importance of the French language in today's West Africa? This major area of the Francophone world will be explored by studying the geography, political situation, literature, culture, art, and the educational system. Senegal, which was a key country in the promotion of " francophonie," will be the focus of study. An intensive three days of workshops and presentations in French in New Haven, June 21-23, will be followed by a field study to Senegal, June 23-July 5.

Registration fee for the three day workshop is $200, and includes meals and activities. The field study to Senegal, including tuition, the pre-departure conference, and airfare, will cost approximately $3,900.

The workshop is sponsored by the Council on European Studies, the MacMillan Center, the Connecticut State Department of Education, and the French Embassy.