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Ibrahim Speaks on Governance in Africa

IbrahimMo Ibrahim, founder of Celtel International, one of Africa’s leading mobile telephone companies, gave the Coca-Cola World Fund at Yale Lecture on April 23. The title of his talk was “Governance, Leadership, Civil Society, and the Private Sector: An African Perspective” and he began it by rebuking the notion that Africa was poor.

“It has more than its share of natural resources; it has one billion people,” Ibrahim said. “So contrary to popular perception, Africa is not poor.” The problem that Ibrahim posed, rather, is why there exists such a “rich continent but such poor people?”


Town Hall Meeting with Kofi Annan

annanKofi Annan, the seventh Secretary-General of the United Nations, spoke at a Jackson Institute Town Hall meeting held in the Yale Law School on February 7. In his signature calm and deliberate manner, Annan recounted personal stories during his time in the U.N., and addressed issues from Security Council reform to the civil war in Syria and the development of Africa.



Walzer Gives Stimson Lectures

MyanmarMichael Walzer, one of the most distinguished and influential thinkers of our time, was the honored guest in this year’s Henry L. Stimson Lecture Series on World Affairs at Yale University. In the course of four public lectures that took place over a two-week period in April, Walzer tackled an original question of great import, “What happened to national liberation?” His inquiry focused on the experience of three relatively new states and the political movements that brought them independence in the years after World War II. Interestingly, these countries experienced the same surprising pattern in their process of national liberation.


Director's Letter

shapiroThe MacMillan Center has enjoyed an action-packed spring semester. Numerous scholars and luminaries came to campus to speak. Mo Ibrahim, founder of CelTel International, one of Africa’s leading mobile telephone companies, gave the Coca-Coca World Fund at Yale Lecture on governance in Africa. It’s a topic he knows well. Ibrahim founded the Mo Ibrahim Foundation in 2006, which was launched to encourage good governance and leadership in Africa.