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Latin American Studies Alumni Database (Years 1963-2001)

Looking for advice on what step to take next? The MacMillan Center for International Studies has created an extensive Latin American Studies Alumni Database extending back to 1963. The database includes over 200 alumni, both professionals and academics, who are working in the US or internationally. If you would like to access this database, please email Professor Anibal Gonzalez, the Director of Undergraduate Studies for the Latin American Studies Major, at In your message, please provide a brief description of your interest in using the database.

Latin American Studies Alumni Database (Years 2001-2010)

Interested in talking with alumni to discuss career or academic plans? CLAIS has been working throughout the year to create a Latin American Studies Alumni Database to serve as a tool for both current students as well as other interested alumni. Alumni in this list include members who are doing work or academic studies in the fields of government, law, business, art, as well as other fields. If you would like to access this database, please email Professor Anibal Gonzalez, the Director of Undergraduate Studies for the Latin American Studies Major, at In your message, please provide a brief description of your interest in using the database


Association of Yale Alumni (AYA)

The AYA is Yale University’s central hub for Alumni Relations. Among its many connection tools, the Yale Career Network provides one of the best outlets for current students and recent graduates access to Yale’s largest alumni database. This site provides contact information for alumni who are either interested in serving as mentors, providing internships, or helping students to find jobs. Contact information is usually provided, though you can email alumni directly through the Career Network site.


Fox Fellowship Alumni

Started in 1989, the Fox Fellowship has been providing Yale students with the opportunity to pursue academic research at the international level.  With this fellowship, students engage in scholarly work abroad, while immersing themselves in a foreign language and interacting with local students.  For students interested in doing research in Latin America, the Fox Fellowship program has partner institutions in Mexico at El Colegio de Mexico and in Brazil at the Universidade de Sao Paulo. If you are interested in applying or in conducting research abroad, provided below is a link to the alumni list of previous program participants.


Yale Fellowship Recipients and Reward Reports

If you are a current undergraduate hoping to travel abroad, complete research, or launch an independent project, Yale fellowships are great ways to receive support for your endeavors. In the past, many individuals have successfully received fellowships to lead projects in Latin America or to participate in work related to Latin America. Provided below is a link to access information on past winners, their destinations, and reports on their projects.


World Fellows Alumni

Each year, the Yale World Fellows Program brings to campus over 20 young international leaders to participate in panel events, workshops, and special presentations. Professionals include journalists, entrepreneurs, government officials, business figures, health professionals, and many others. Under the following link, you will be able to find information about previous World Fellows, in particular those coming from Latin America. Upon clicking on each name you will find information about their work as well as an email option to get in contact with these individuals.


Yale Regional Clubs

Are you traveling or working abroad?  Interested in meeting with Yale alumni during your trips? The Yale Regional Club page provides contact information for numerous Yale Clubs in Latin America. The provided link will provide you with an overview of the region’s Yale Club Presidents, their location, as well as their contact information. This is an excellent resource for those interested in doing international work or studies.


MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies at Yale LinkedIn Page

LinkedIn is an excellent tool for sharing your professional accomplishments and skill sets to potential employers. At the same time, it is a great service for connecting with potential employers as well as to search for existing employment opportunities in your field of interest. If you are seeking international opportunities, or are looking to connect with global professionals, the MacMillan Center has opened its own LinkedIn page to connect students with these possibilities. Click on the following link to join the group!


Graduate Student Career Services

The Yale Graduate Student Career Services page contains valuable resources for students who are interested in pursuing both academic and professional (public and private) work opportunities. Included on this site is information regarding interviews, cover letters, CV’s, as well as tips on how to search for the right job. While this page is mainly for graduate students, the resources available could also offer help to current undergraduate students.


Student Groups/Activities

Call for Proposals: Funding for Student Organizations
Yale student organizations seeking funding to sponsor Latin American and/or Iberian-related activities on campus can submit applications to the Council on Latin American and Iberian Studies.

Proposals will be accepted for student-led events that advance the understanding of Latin America, Spain and/or Portugal on the Yale campus. Requests for funding will be considered for exhibitions, cultural presentations, scholarly journals, film screenings, conferences, workshops, symposia, and lectures, among others. Proposals that will have an impact on the Yale and New Haven communities are particularly encouraged.  The Council will not consider requests for: purchase of equipment, food or alcohol. Awards can be expected to range from $250-$750. Applicants are encouraged to seek additional funding or matching grants.

Download application.

AIESEC at Yale University
AIESEC internships offer students the opportunity for immersion in a new culture while interning abroad.  AIESEC offers a wide array of internships in many fields for the summer, for a semester, or for a whole year. AIESEC members have the opportunity to work in five core teams that represent the different functional areas of AIESEC Yale's operations. Led by a member of the executive board, each core team provides a unique set of requirements and challenges that hone skills ranging from international sales and negotiation to budgeting to human resource development. Underlying the professional manner in which AIESEC Yale operates is a deeply held commitment to creating positive social change in the world; connected to a network of 50,000 of the world's brightest young change agents spread across 110 countries.

Ballet Folklórico Mexicano de Yale College
Ballet Folklórico Mexicano’s purpose is to provide the Yale Community with a vivid aspect of Mexican culture.  The goal is to offer a festive and educational form of entertainment: the traditional, Mexican folk dance-Ballet Folklórico.  Ballet Folklórico Mexicano de Yale performs dances from the regions of Chiapas, Chihuahua, Zacatecas, Veracruz, and Jalisco.  For information on hiring or joining Ballet Folklorico, email:

The Cuban-American Undergraduate Student Association
The Cuban-American Undergraduate Student Association, CAUSA, was established in 2005 to serve the needs of both Cuban and Cuban-American students by providing an open forum wherein to share and promote our common heritage. CAUSA also seeks to foster dialogue and raise public awareness pertaining to the social, political, and cultural issues affecting both the Cuban and the Cuban-American communities in the States and abroad.

Despierta Boricua
Founded in 1972, the main objectives of Despierta Boricua are to foster a sense of community among Puerto Rican undergraduates at Yale, represent and voice the concerns of said community to the Yale administration, and to coordinate and sponsor educational activities dealing with Puerto Rican issues. DB strives to meet these objectives by coordinating a vast array of cultural, educational, and social events, as well as organizing community service initiatives to increase student involvement with the Puerto Rican New Haven community.

Dominican Student Association
The Dominican Student Association: Quisque Yalies was started in 2005.  Our goals include sponsoring informative and social events that address issues concerning Dominicans and other Latinos, including efforts on recruitment and retention of Dominican students, by developing academic and personal support networks for undergraduate students and establishing networks with professional and DSA alumni. DSA also strives to serve Dominican communities in the US and abroad through community service. DSA intends to serve as a resource to the Yale community on Dominican affairs by sharing historical and updated information about the Dominican Republic. 

International Society of Tropical Foresters (ISTF)
Yale's student chapter of the International Society of Tropical Foresters (ISTF) was first organized in 1989, as part of a network of natural resource professionals concerned with tropical resource management. ISTF provides a forum for students with interests and experiences in linking natural resource conservation and management with economic development. General information: (203) 432-5100. Prospective students: (800) 825-0330,

La Casa Cultural at Yale
La Casa, the Latino Cultural Center at Yale, offers Yale students and community members a rich variety of social, academic, and cultural resources in a warm and vibrant environment. We are committed to providing a comfortable space where our diverse cultural heritage, history and traditions can be celebrated and explored by all Yale University and New Haven community members. In partnership with our resident organizations, La Casa provides opportunities that foster a sense of belonging and pride while supporting the intellectual, personal, leadership and social development of our students. Email:

Latin American Student Organization (LASO)
Latin American Students Organization assists Latin American students in adjusting to American culture by providing a comfortable social atmosphere with emphasis on cultural celebration.  There are weekly dinners at La Casa Cultural or at a select dining hall and occasional weekend ventures to Mi Tierra Café, a New Haven club featuring salsa and merengue music.  In order to foster a comfortable atmosphere, the organization refrains from political activities. 

Latino Business Coalition
The purpose of the Latino Business Coalition is to aid in the education and professional development of all Yale University students. As a chapter of the National Hispanic Business Association (NHBA), the LBC also offers networking and occupational opportunities with the business community, while providing intellectual and cultural enrichment. 

Latin Student Interest Group (SIG) at FES
The Latin American SIG was created by students from different countries in Latin America. La SIG aims to join all students that are interested in studying/working in the region and encourage the sharing of information and experiences. La SIG also organizes talks and invites distinguished Latin American professionals who work in the environmental field. Latin culture is presented through various events including film screenings, Latin TGIF, and bi-monthly Spanish dinners where students of all levels are encouraged to practice their Spanish and share typical dishes.

La Unidad Latina

MAS (Math and Science) Familias
MAS Familias works to support Latinos interested in math and science by creating familias comprised of upper-classmen, sophomores, and freshman.  A community of scholars is formed through activities that include dinners with Yale alums in math/science, lab visits, social events, and weekly dinners.

Movimento Estudantil Chicano de Aztlán (MEChA)
A Movimento is a pursuit of greater gains by individuals united loyally with one another, focused not upon the status quo but instead striving to bring about respect and equality.  The energy to lead the Movimiento stems from the creative consciousness of Estudiantes, driven not by self-righteous motives but by the firm belief that united as an organization the interests of the greater Chicano community can be fulfilled.  The spirit that guides these Estudiantes Chicanos is rooted in their past, their homes, their heart, Aztlán.  The spirit that gave their ancestors life, the spirit that thrived in the soul of the Mexica, is the same spirit that gives the Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán strength to succeed and endure.

Microfinance Brigades
A Yale undergraduate organization dedicated to the mission of providing poor communities in the developing world with the educational, financial, and organizational resources necessary to sustainably drive their own economic development. MFB volunteers help the under resourced in remote villages build their own businesses, ensure against emergencies, and fund community projects. Yale MFB has also partnered with Yale Water Brigades to bring awareness on campus to projects in Honduras. 

PorColombia is a network of university students who are committed to using their personal talents and institutional resources to benefit Colombia.  The goal of the organization is to provide students with the means and support to share information, innovate, and engage in collaborative initiative focused on Colombia.  This is accomplished in three ways: first, to form a solid community of Colombians and friends of Colombia across the United States; second, to encourage and assist members to return to Colombia in the future; and third, to raise awareness and inform foreign students of the situation in Colombia.

Poetry and performance are powerful forms of expression for ethnic minorities in the United States. The form collectively known as spoken word, an amalgam of poetry, prose, music, and theater, has given voice to narratives often overlooked.  At Yale, groups like Jook Songs and WORD developed the campus culture of spoken word. The groups put on performances that not only promote artistic expression, but also foster a dialogue on critical issues.  Inspired by Jook Songs, which is dedicated to exposing works by Asian-American students, members of Yale’s Latino community came together in the fall of 2007 to establish ¡OYE! contributes the Latino voice to the swirl of spoken word on campus for students to relate to, question, or simply experience. 

Reach Out: The Yale College Partnership for International Service
Reach Out’s mission is to provide Yale students with opportunities to learn about, travel to, and engage in hands-on work in developing countries. Through our programs, we hope to equip Yale students with the tools and experiences they need to work against poverty, environmental degradation and human rights abuses internationally. In a world in which technological and economic interdependence often surpass cultural and social understanding, Reach Out hopes to build personal relationships between Yale students and people in other countries, and thereby promote the sense of global accountability, understanding and cooperation needed to achieve an international community.

Sabrosura: Latino Student Dance at Yale
Sabrosura brings together students interested in Latino/Latin American dance in order to foster solidarity among the various cultures of Latin America, while exhibiting these cultural nuances through music and dance.  We hope to create a space in which students can use the medium of dance to teach and learn about one another’s  culture.  Sabrosura ends the year with a show designed to celebrate these cultural differences.

School of Management (SOM) Club Latina
The Latino Leadership Association (LLA) supports the Hispanic/Latino community during their MBA studies by providing mentorship, organizing networking events, and bringing Hispanic/Latino speakers to campus. We are committed to improving the career opportunities for our members and to build relationships with organizations interested in recruiting Hispanic/Latino MBAs.

Yale’s first Latino/Latin-American theater ensemble is committed to the continuation and evolution of Latino/Latin-American theatre at Yale and in the New Haven community.  We aim to bring the rich voices of Latino and Latin-American dramatists to fruition, while creating a unique atmosphere wherein students and supporters of Latino/Latin-American theatre can network, learn, and come together.

Venezuelan Student Organization at Yale (VSOY)

Yale International Relations Association (YIRA)
The Yale International Relations Association, Inc. (YIRA) is a registered, 501(c)(3) non-profit student organization at Yale University. YIRA's mission is to promote debate and awareness of international relations and global affairs through a number of programs, including the Security Council Simulation at Yale (SCSY); the Yale Model United Nations Conference (YMUN); the United Nations Crisis Simulation at Yale (UNCSY); Hemispheres, aimed at high schools in the New Haven area; speakers and international trips. YIRA is host to Yale's Model UN team, one of the top-ranked teams in the world. With 1,000 members hailing from 30 countries and many courses of study, YIRA is one of the largest and most diverse student organizations at

Yale Journal of International Affairs (YJIA)
The Yale Journal of International Affairs (YJIA) is a bi-annual academic and policy-oriented journal that publishes the work of scholars, policy practitioners, and graduate students on topics related to international affairs. is the online magazine of YJIA that features the voices of Yale graduate students on numerous topics of international import. Visit the "In the Journal" tab to read our electronic archives.

The Yale Mexican Students Organization
The Yale Mexican Organization is comprised of members of the Yale community who share a common bond of interest or affiliation with Mexico. The organization’s purpose is to develop and fortify a relationship between Mexico and Yale.  To this end, we organize activities such as social gatherings, open forums, conferences and cultural events that relate to Mexico. 

Yspaniola was founded in 2005, with the mission of building a sustainable partnership with the community Batey Libertad in the Dominican Republic. Since then, we have become a 501c3 non-profit organization and hope to reach out to other university campuses and other communities in the Dominican Republic. Yspaniola members travel to the Dominican Republic twice a year on community service missions. Email:


Language Resources

Center for Language Studies

Consortium of Latin American Studies Programs (CLASP)

Directed Independent Language Study

New Haven/Tetlanohcan Sister Cities Project


Related Yale Departments/Projects

Ballet Folklorico

The MacMillan Center

Orville H. Schell, Jr. Center for International Human Rights at Yale Law School

Programs in International Educational Resources (PIER) - Latin American Studies

PIER Summer Institute Resources

Tropical Resource Institute

Yale Office of International Affairs

Yale Law School Projects in South America 


International Opportunities

AIESEC at Yale University

Center for International and Professional Experience

Reach Out

Foundation for Sustainable Development (FSD)

Yale Summer Session Study Abroad

Yale University International Summer Award Program (ISA)

Yale - Universidad de Chile Joint Program

SIT Study Abroad


Local/Regional/National Resources

Association of Academic Programs in Latin America & the Caribbean (AAPLAC)

New Haven/León Sister City Project

New Haven/Tetlanohcan Sister Cities Project

Latin American Studies Association




The Globalist

Yale Journal of International Affairs

International Centers & Initiatives  
Yale’s international research, teaching, and study activities are undertaken in a wide variety of centers and programs across all academic fields. See:

The following is a list of some that pertain to the Council on Latin American and Iberian Studies:

Area Studies
    Caribbean Studies and Resources at Yale
    International Educational Resources, Programs in - MacMillan Center
    Latin American and Iberian Studies, Council on - MacMillan Center

Arts & Collections
    Caribbean Collections at Yale
    Latin America Library Collection

Economics & Finance
    Economic Growth Center
    International Development Economics, Program in
    International Political Economy, Leitner Program in - MacMillan Center

    Agrarian Studies, Program in - MacMillan Center
    Tropical Resources Institute

International Affairs
    Fox International Fellowship - MacMillan Center
    Global Affairs, Jackson Institute for - MacMillan Center
    Order, Conflict, and Violence, Program on - MacMillan Center

    Directed Independent Language Study
    Language Study, Center for

    International Human Rights, Orville H. Schell Jr. Center for
    International Programs at Yale Law School
    Law School Linkages Summer Program
    Seminario en Latinoamérica de Teoría Constitucional y Política (SELA), Law School
Science & Medicine
    Astronomy Program, Yale - Universidad de Chile Joint
    Global Health Initiative
    International Medical Student Education, Office of - School of Medicine
    International Nursing Scholarship and Education, Center for

Social Sciences & Humanities
    Ethnicity Race and Migration
    Gilder Lehrman Center for the Study of Slavery, Resistance, and Abolition

MacMillan Center
The Whitney and Betty MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies at Yale is the University’s focal point for encouraging and coordinating teaching and research on global affairs, regions, and cultures around the world.

Career Resources

Yale Undergraduate Career Services
International Internships Program
Make an Appointment with a Career Advisor

Jackson Institute for Global Affairs, Career Services
For Global Affairs Undergraduates
For Global Affairs MA Students
For all Yale Students
Career Resources

Yale Graduate Career Services

US Government Jobs for Graduate Students

Professional Schools:
Yale Divinity School, Career Services
Yale School of Forestry, Career Development Office
Yale Law School, Career Development Office
Yale School of Medicine, OIMSE
Yale School of Music, Career Strategies
Yale School of Public Health, Career Services


The Whitney and Betty MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies at Yale