Latin American and Iberian Studies
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Graduate Courses Related to Latin America and the Carribean

Fall 2013

Following is a list of courses that may be of interest to graduate students interested in Latin America, Iberia and the Caribbean. Students are advised to confer with the professor to confirm that the course is appropriate to your academic objectives. For further information contact Jean Silk, CLAIS Program Manager, at Download excel document.


AFAM 729

NewYorkMambo: BlackCreativity 

Robert Thompson

AFAM 741

Mambo in the Media 1949-2011 

Robert Thompson

AMST 757

The Latina/o Novel 

Albert Laguna

ANTH 510


Gilbert Joseph

ANTH 557

Anthropology of the Body 

P. Sean Brotherton

ANTH 597


Carol Carpenter

ANTH 638

Culture, Power, Oil 

Douglas Rogers

ANTH 710


Oswaldo Chinchilla Mazariegos

ANTH 774

Origins of Andean Civilization 

Richard Burger

CPLT 622


Michael Denning

REL 918

Amer Indian Religns & Ecology 

John Grim

Mary Tucker

F&ES 20

SustainableDevelopment inHaiti 

Gordon Geballe

F&ES 848


Robert Bailis

F&ES 863

Sustainabilty in Latin America 

Garry Brewer

HIST 807


Gilbert Joseph

HIST 808

RaceEmpire&Rvltn in Latin Amer 

Marcela Echeverri Munoz

PORT 922

Brazil's Modern Art Week 

K. David Jackson

PORT 991



SPAN 586

The Libro de buen amor Context 

Kevin Poole

SPAN 661

Cervantes Novelas Ejemplares 

Roberto Gonzalez-Echevarria

SPAN 746

The Specter of Poetry 

Noel Valis

SPAN 850

The Literary Worlds 

Rolena Adorno

SPAN 991




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