Latin American and Iberian Studies
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Graduate Courses Related to Latin America and the Carribean

Fall 2013

Following is a list of courses that may be of interest to graduate students interested in Latin America, Iberia and the Caribbean. Students are advised to confer with the professor to confirm that the course is appropriate to your academic objectives. For further information contact Jean Silk, CLAIS Program Manager, at

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AFAM 728


Robert Thompson

AFAM 788

Hemispheric Americas 

Dixa Ramirez

AFAM 802

Slavery in the Atlantic World 

Stuart Schwartz

AFST 782

TowardHist Black Atlantic Arch 

Robert Thompson

AMST 717


Jenifer Van Vleck

AMST 741

Indians and Empires 

Ned Blackhawk

AMST 847

Hemispheric Americas 

Dixa Ramirez

AMST 870


Alicia Camacho

ANTH 773

ClimateChnge&Societal Collapse 

Harvey Weiss

SPAN 503

Castilian Poetic Works 13&14C 

Kevin Poole

SPAN 504

Spanish for Reading 

Maria Pilar Asensio-Manrique

SPAN 748


Noël Valis

SPAN 790


Ame Cividanes

SPAN 903


K. David Jackson

SPAN 912

The Borges Effect 

Roberto González Echevarría

SPAN 991




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