Latin American and Iberian Studies
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Faculty 2013-2014

Rolena Adorno, Sterling Professor and Chair, Spanish & Portuguese
Contact Information:, 432-1154
Office Location: 82-90 Wall, 229

Jafari S. Allen, Associate Professor, Anthropology & African Studies; Assistant Professor, American Studies
Contact Information:, 432-4847
Office Location: 10 Sachem

Robert Bailis, Associate Professor, Forestry & Environmental Studies
Contact Information:, 432-5412
Office Location: 301 Prospect – Rm 209

Ryan Bennett, Assistant Professor, Linguistics
Contact Information:, 432-7656
Office Location: 370 Temple

Ned Blackhawk, Professor of History and American Studies
Contact Information:, 432-0580
Office Location: 320 York

P. Sean Brotherton, Associate Professor of Anthropology
Contact Information:, 432-3675
Office Location: 10 Sachem, 227

Richard Burger, Charles J MacCurdy Professor, Anthropology; Chair & DGS Archeological Studies
Contact Information:, 432-6517
Office Location: 51 Hillhouse, 5

Susan Byrne, Associate Professor, Spanish & Portuguese
Contact Information:, 432-1162
Office Location: 82-90 Wall St

Rodrigo Canales, Associate Professor School of Management
Contact Information:, 432-6054
Office Location: 135 Prospect St

Hazel Carby, Charles C & Dorathea S Dilley Professor, African American Studies & Professor of American Studies
Contact Information:, 432-9059
Office Location: 493 College, 303

Oswaldo Chinchilla, Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Contact Information:
Office Location:  10 Sachem

Ana Lorena De La O Torres, Associate Professor, Political Science; Assistant Professor, Institute for Social and Policy Studies
Contact Information:
Office Location: 77 Prospect St., C122

Jane Edwards, Associate Dean for International Affairs, Yale College
Contact Information:, 432-8680
Office Location: 55 Whitney

Carlos Eire, T. Lawrason Riggs Professor Religious Studies & History
Contact Information:, 432-1357
Office Location: 320 York

Anne Eller, Assistant Professor, History

Marcela Echeverri Munoz, Assistant Professor, History

Moira Fradinger, Associate Professor Comparative Literature; DUS Literature Major
Contact Information:, 432-2763
Office Location: 451 College

Paul Freedman, Chester D Tripp Professor, History
Contact Information:, 432-1399
Office Location: 320 York

Roberto González Echevarría, Sterling Professor of Hispanic & Comparative Literature
Contact Information:, 432-1153
Office Location: 82-90 Wall

Aníbal González Pérez, Professor & DGS, Spanish & Portuguese
Contact Information:, 432-1149
Office Location: 82-90 Wall

Leslie J. Harkema, Assistant Professor, Spanish & Portuguese
Contact Information:
Office Location 82-90 Wall

K. David Jackson, Professor & DUS Portuguese
Contact Information:, 432-7608
Office Location: 82-90 Wall

Seth Jacobowitz, Assistant Professor of East Asian Languages and Literatures
Contact Information:
Office Location: 320 York

Gilbert Joseph, Professor History & International Studies
Contact Information:, 432-1380
Office Location: 320 York

Efstathios Kalyvas, Arnold Wolfers Professor Political Science
Contact Information:, 432-5386
Office Location: 115 Prospect

Jana Lee Krentz
Curator, Latin American Collection
313 Sterling Memorial Library;   (203) 432-1845

Albert Laguna, Assistant Professor, American Studies
Contact Information:
Office Location: 320 York

Daniel Markovits, Guido Calabresi Professor of Law; Faculty director Latin American Legal Studies Programs
Contact Information:; 203-432-2371
Office Location:  127 Wall

Mary Miller,Vincent Scully Professor History of Art; Dean, Yale College
Contact information:, 432-0540, 432-2686
Office Location: 56 High

Paulo Da-Luz Moreira, Associate Professor Spanish & Portuguese
Contact Information:, 432-1158
Office Location: 82-90 Wall

Stephen Pitti, Professor History & American Studies
Contact Information:, 432-1376
Office Location: HGS 103

Kevin Poole, Assistant Professor, Spanish & Portuguese
Contact Information:, 432-1157
Office Location: 82-90 Wall

Dixa Ramírez, Assistant Professor of Latina/o Literature, Ethnicity, Race, & Migration and American Studies 

Susan Rose-Ackerman, Professor of Law & Political Science
Contact Information:, 432-4891
Office Location: 127 Wall

Nancy Ruther, Lecturer Political Science; Associate Director, The MacMillan Center
Contact Information:, 432-9368
Office Location: 34 Hillhouse, 110

Alicia Schmidt-Camacho, Professor American Studies
Contact Information:, 432-7756
Office Location: 320 York 108

Stuart Schwartz, Professor History; Chair, Council on Latin American & Iberian Studies
Contact Information:, 432-1375, 432-0560
Office Location: 320 York

Susan Carol Stokes, Professor, Political Science
Contact Information:, 432-6098
Office Location: 115 Prospect

Robert F. Thompson, Professor History of Art and African American Studies
Contact Information:, 432-0770
Office Location: 345 Temple

Noël Valis, Professor and DGS, Spanish & Portuguese
Contact Information:, 432-1155
Office Location: 82-90 Wall 216

Frederick F. Wherry, Professor of Sociology and Co-Director, Center for Cultural Sociology
Contact Information:
Office Location: 493 Coll

Elisabeth Jean Wood, Professor Political Science
Contact Information:, 432-6170
Office Location: 115 Prospect

The Whitney and Betty MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies at Yale