at the Whitney and Betty MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies at Yale

Global Justice Program



Shmuel Nili, Global Justice Fellow

Shmuel Nili (B.A., political science, Open University of Israel; M.A., Democracy Studies, Open University of Israel, MA, political theory and international relations, Notre Dame) is a Ph.D. student in political theory at Yale. His core research revolves around questions of global justice, mainly the democratic treatment of severely oppressive regimes, connecting political theory and international relations. Drawing on Rousseau, Kant, Rawls and the relationship between them, Nili has published multiple articles on global distributive justice, humanitarian intervention, and democratic trade with dictatorships, with particular emphasis on the “resource curse.” Additional publications cover Nili’s secondary interests in liberal identity as expressed in popular culture, as well as conflict and identity in his native Israel.

Nili’s peer-reviewed articles have appeared or are forthcoming, among others, in Journal of Political Philosophy, Journal of Moral Philosophy, Politics, Philosophy & Economics, International Theory, Social Theory & Practice, Journal of Global Ethics, Ethics & Global Politics, Global Society, and Journal of Strategic Studies. Nili has also published several professional articles for the Israeli Democracy Institute on the relation between media and politics, as well as numerous newspaper articles on multinational democracies and sports.