at the Whitney and Betty MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies at Yale


Led by Professor Thomas Pogge, the Global Justice Program at Yale is an interdisciplinary group that works on the assessment and reform of global institutional arrangements. For more information about the Program, people working in and and affiliated with the Program, and the Projects that our members and affiliates are engaged in, use the above links.

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A New, Gender-sensitive Poverty Metric

Global Justice Program Director Thomas Pogge is one of several authors of the Individual Deprivation Measure (IDM), a new, gender-sensitive poverty metric. The IDM was designed to avoid gender biases built into other poverty measures and to define poverty according to the values and experiences of poor people. Pogge and fellow author Allison Jaggar argue that the IDM should quickly be incorporated into development practice.


GJP Annual Conference, Justice in Development, at Yale November 7-9

The Yale Global Justice Program, Global Financial Integrity, and Academics Stand Against Poverty are proud to present Justice in Development. This conference will bring together academics, policy makers, and activists to discuss two critical global justice issues: illicit financial flows and climate change. Both represent failures of global governance and obstruct equitable development in which all people’s human rights are fulfilled, regardless of where they are born.