University of São Paulo

sao pauloThe University of São Paulo is the largest higher education and research institution in Brazil. It has outstanding projection around the world, especially in Latin America, and develops a large number of Brazilian masters and doctors who work in higher education and research institutes. It is a public and free university, with open access for students selected by the 'vestibular' (Brazilian entrance exam for universities). Many of these students, after graduation, hold strategic and leading functions in different segments of public and private industries.

USP is composed of seven campi, 40 learning and research units, five hospitals, five museums, five specialized institutes, besides multiple experimental laboratories and centers of scientific and cultural diffusion. It comprises all areas of the human activity and offers approximately 700 regular courses. There are 230 undergraduate courses (including different habilitations), with more than 3,400 disciplines, and an average of 5,500 students graduate annually. Graduate studies at USP, with more than 500 fields of concentration areas (MAs and PhDs), are an international point of reference in Science and Technology.

sao pauloIn order to maintain a good standard of communication with both the internal and external public, all of USP’s media are integrated into the Social Communication Coordination (CCS). The CCS includes: Radio USP, TV USP, USP's News Agency, USP Magazine, USP's Newspaper, USP's Internet Portal and 'Open Space' Magazine. CCS also maintains services that provide assistance to the public or otherwise reinforce its integration: Visitors' Center, Documentation Argus, Division of Graphic Arts and Division of Public Relations, Marketing and Publicity.

USP has an administrative infrastructure that includes a president, vice-presidents, a general university counsel, local administrations for each of the university campi. Outsourced services, such as bank agencies, post offices, stationary shops, snack bars, collective transportation, gas station and others are also present, to attend to the needs of USP’s community.

The University of São Paulo website can be viewed at For information, contact Sandra Lima.


sao paulo

"One of the lasting experiences of the year at Yale was meeting a large number of remarkably interesting and interested people from all over the world, some of who have become good personal friends. I have rarely had the chance to discuss topics ranging from current affairs to international cuisine with such an illustrious group of people. A feeling of shared trust and humor developed over these months. The fact that all of us, while coming from distinctively different backgrounds, had something in common as Fox Fellows facilitated this. If building international friendships was one of the aims of the Fox Fellowship, it has succeeded admirably."

Jan Rüger
from Sidney Sussex College at Cambridge University to Yale