Moscow State University

StudentsFounded in 1755, Moscow State University is the oldest university in Russia. Today, Moscow University is a leading center of Russian education, science and culture. The refinement of skills, quest for scientific truth, and adherence to the humanist ideals of good, justice and freedom are University traditions.

Currently there are 22 areas of study at Moscow State University: Mechanics and Mathematics; Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics; Physics; Chemistry; Geology; Biology; Geography; Soil Science; Fundamental Medicine; History; Philology; Philosophy; Foreign Languages; Economics; Journalism; Law; Psychology; Sociology; Institute of Asian and African Studies; Institute of Public Administration and Social Studies; Higher College of Materials Sciences; and the Center for International Education. Moscow State University believes that the fundamental nature of education lies in the combination of training in the scientific, theoretical and applied aspects.

The total number of students is 30,000. The number of foreign students is growing constantly; currently, there are 3,000 international students from 97 countries. The faculty of professors, teachers and researchers totals 8,500, and 6,900 of them hold Doctor of Science and Ph.D. Degrees.

Moscow University maintains extensive international links. It is a member of the International University Association, has direct cooperation agreements with more than 60 centers and associations, with universities of Europe, the USA, Japan, China, other Asian countries, Australia, Latin America, Arab states. Additionally, the University closely cooperates with the leading international organizations including UNESCO and The World Bank.

Russian LandmarkThe library of Moscow State University, founded in 1756, is one of the oldest among university libraries in Russia. It includes nearly 8.5 million academic and scientific publications, including 2.5 million books written in various foreign languages. The University library also has a unique collection of rare books and manuscripts including medieval, Greek, Latin, French, German, Oriental and Slav manuscripts, the Russian manuscripts of the 18-19th centuries, archive materials of the 18-19th centuries, Slav and Russian early printed books, and rare Russian publications of the 18-20th centuries. Among them are the collections of I.M.Snegiryov, P.Ya.Petrov, T.N.Granovsky, S.M.Solovyov, F.I.Buslaev, N.K.Gudzi, I.G.Petrovsky and others.

As for culture and entertainment, the Moscow State University has museums, recreation centers, student theater and a cinema hall. For recreation, there are two swimming pools, 12 sports halls, football and baseball stadiums, and tennis and volleyball courts. Museums include the Museum of Earth Science, Museum of Anthropology, Museum of Zoology and Museum of Rare Books.

The Moscow State University website can be viewed at For information, contact Elena Volkova, Exchange Program Coordinator, International Department, Lomonosov Moscow State University.


Moscow State University

"A precious chance to form long-lasting relationships with young professionals who will become influential players in the fields of law, business and international diplomacy in the 21st century."

Anastasia Kitsul
from Yale to Moscow State University