New Haven, Connecticut

York Street, New HavenConvenient to New York City and Boston, Yale University is located in the heart of New Haven and is easily reached by any mode of transportation.

New Haven offers an unusually wide range of attractions and distractions - many of which are within walking distance of the campus - such as concerts, plays, shopping, fine dining, cafes, coffee houses, dancing, movie theaters, art galleries, historic sites, museums, nightclubs, parks, beaches, sports and recreational activities.

Paul SimonThe Yale campus is adjacent to the New Haven Town Green, which anchors a neighborhood of five city blocks lined with boutiques, specialty shops, cafes, art galleries and museums, and two of New England's most prestigious theaters, the Shubert Theater and the Yale Repertory Theatre. Nearby is the famous Wooster Street, New Haven's "Little Italy," renowned for its pizza and Italian restaurants. There are more than 100 restaurants to sample throughout the city representing many different cuisines, such as Ethiopian, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Malaysian, Spanish and Turkish.

Art GalleryNew Haven is rich in culture. In addition to the Shubert and Yale Repertory Theaters, enthusiasts can enjoy plays and shows at the nationally recognized Long Wharf Theatre and the Palace Performing Arts Center. For music lovers, there are local symphony orchestras, chorus groups, opera companies, and numerous nightclubs that offer jazz and rock music. There are also world-class museums to browse such as the Yale Art Gallery, the Peabody Museum of Natural History, the Eli Whitney Museum, and the Yale Center for British Art. Yale has a long tradition of leadership in the creative and performing arts, and it is integral to the rich cultural life of the University and the surrounding New Haven community.

Situated on Long Island Sound, New Haven offers outstanding recreational areas and facilities to explore, such as East Rock Park, Edgerton Park, Lighthouse Point Park and Beach, and Long Wharf Nature Preserve. Between New Haven's parks and the area's state parks, there are plenty of places for fun and relaxation beyond Yale's campus.


New Haven

"I enjoyed interacting with the large and diversified Yale community — be it at lectures, receptions, or in the gym. Yale is truly a global place that teaches you not only many things about the United States and the world at large but, maybe even most significantly, about your own country and yourself. It was very interesting for me to hear about other people's thoughts and perspectives concerning my home country."

Alex Pfennig
from the Free University of Berlin to Yale