The Fox Experience

Learn more about the Fox Experience through the words of these Fox Fellows.

brouwerChristine Brouwer
to the Freie University, Berlin



Michelle Chen
to the Fudan University, Shanghai



hallSimon Hall
at Yale from Sidney Sussex College
at Cambridge University



chiuVictoria Chiu
at Fudan University from Yale



pfenningAlex Pfennig
at Yale from Freie University of Berlin


Yale Library

"These months have been an extraordinary time for me in several professional as well as personal aspects. For the first time, I could audit classes and see how American students are taught, how professors interact with their student, and how accessible they are. I found it impressive that it is possible to discuss problems with professors from very different backgrounds such as Law and Economics and to get advice from them as well as helpful contacts. Also, the Fox Fellowship offers the chance to go to talks of important people in the political and economic realm. I was really impressed to hear Nobel prize winner Prof. Joseph Stiglitz, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, Samantha Power and Marco Pagano, one of the most important scholars in my field. Their talks were stimulating and inspiring, such an environment can only lead to new ideas for research."

Nicola Jentzsch
from the Freie University of Berlin to Yale