2013-2014 Fox International Fellows
Outgoing from Yale University

To Boğaziçi University, Turkey

Jessica Belding, jessica.belding@yale.edu
Graduating Senior
Project Title: Contemporary Jewish History in Turkey: Jewish Spaces, Marginalization and Remembrance

To Sidney Sussex College of Cambridge University, England

Hillary Taylor, hillary.taylor@yale.edu
PhD Candidate, History
Project Title: Voices of the People: Language, Class and Politics in Early Modern England

To El Colegio de México, Mexico City

Johns Graham, johns.graham@yale.edu
PhD Candidate, History
Project Title: After Sheep and before Sewage: A Hydrological History of Mexico’s Mezquital Valley

Taylor Jardno, taylor.jardno@yale.edu
PhD Candidate, History
Project Title: Teaching the Children of the Pan-American Century: Nation, Class and Culture in Mexico’s Post-Revolutionary “American Schools”

To the Freie University, Germany

Elisabeth Becker, elisabeth.becker@yale.edu
PhD Candidate, Sociology
Project Title: Cosmopolitan Callings: Muslim Identity and the Mosque in Contemporary Europe

Christopher Murray, christopher.murray@yale.edu
Graduating Senior
Project Title: Evolving German National and Supranational Identities and their Implications for the European Union

To the Institut d'Études Politiques de Paris(Sciences Po), France

Vinicius Lindoso, vinicius.lindoso@yale.edu
Graduating Senior
Project Title: Aux Archives, Citoyens: The Comité d'histoire de la Deuxième Guerre mondiale and the Making of French Contemporary History

Sara Silverstein, sara.silverstein@yale.edu
PhD Candidate, History
Project Title: Therapeutic Rights: European Social Democracy, Refugees of the Second World War, and Human Rights of Health

Mattie Wheeler, mattie.wheeler@yale.edu
Graduating Senior
Project Title: The Role of Oil in Franco-Algerian Relations

To The University of Cape Town, South Africa

Judith Ament, judith.ament@yale.edu
Masters Candidate, School of Forestry
Project Title: Spillover Effects of Environmental Policy: The Park-Boundary-Effect around Cape Town, South Africa

Samuel Telzak, samuel.telzak@yale.edu
Graduating Senior
Project Title: Perceptions of Social Mobility and Economic Inequality in Cape Town, South Africa

To the University of São Paulo, Brazil

Yuki Bailey, yuki.bailey@yale.edu
Graduating Senior
Project Title: The Construction of Japanese Brazilian Identity in a Culturally, Ethnically, and Linguistically Diverse Country

Karen Yvon, karen.yvon@yale.edu
Graduating Senior
Project Title: Brazil-China Business Ties and Interfirm Relations in the Contemporary Global Economy


To Tel Aviv University, Israel

Jonathan Pomeranz, jonathan.pomeranz@yale.edu
PhD Candidate, Religious Studies
Project Title: Concealing the Law: Legal Knowledge and Mass-Elite Relations in Rabbinic Babylonia

To University of Tokyo, Japan

Natalie Willis, natalie.willis@yale.edu
Graduating Senior
Project Title: Recreating Japan: The Struggle for a New National Identity in the Shadow of World War II

Ian Formosa, ian.formosa@yale.edu
Masters Candidate, Business Administration
Project Title: Changes in Japan’s Monetary and Fiscal Policy and the Diversification Effect of U.S. Private Equity Investing in Japan

To Moscow State University, Russia

Adam Demetriou, adam.demetriou@yale.edu
Graduating Senior
Project Title: The Russian Nobility, its Representation and Political Role

Julio Perez-Torres, julio.perez-torres@yale.edu
Graduating Senior
Project Title: The Role of Transparent Media in Post-Soviet Russia: A Barometer of Democracy?

To Fudan University, China

Wei Luo, wei.luo@yale.edu
PhD Candidate, Sociology
Project Title: Local Elite Networks and Social Revolution in Republican China






Yale Alumni

"The Fox Program helped me to better understand the American culture and people... and probably what is most important is that participation in this Program has made me more open-minded and helped me to look at the history, politics, and economics of my native country from different angles."

Anastasia Obydenkova
from Moscow State University to Yale