Fox International Fellows Overseas, 1995-1996

Stephanie Barczewski
Graduate student, Department of History, Sidney Sussex College at Cambridge University

Erin Moody
Third-year student, Yale Law School, Moscow State University

Fox International Fellows at Yale, 1995-1996

Mikhail Denissenko
Graduate student, Department of Economics, Moscow State University

David J.C. Perkins
Graduate student, Sidney Sussex College and History Faculty, Cambridge University

Olga Petrovich
Graduate student, Department of Sociology/International Relations, Moscow State University

Alla Varlamova
Graduate student, Department of Commercial Law, Law Faculty, Moscow State University



Yale Alumni

"One of the lasting experiences of the year at Yale was meeting a large number of remarkably interesting and interested people from all over the world, some of who have become good personal friends. I have rarely had the chance to discuss topics ranging from current affairs to international cuisine with such an illustrious group of people. A feeling of shared trust and humor developed over these months. The fact that all of us, while coming from distinctively different backgrounds, had something in common as Fox Fellows facilitated this. If building international friendships was one of the aims of the Fox Fellowship, it has succeeded admirably."

Jan Rüger
from Sidney Sussex College at Cambridge University to Yale