2011-2012 Fox International Fellows
Incoming to Yale University

From Boğaziçi University, Istanbul

zihniogluOzge Zihnioglu
PhD Candidate, International Relations/Political Science
Project Title: The Promotion of Democracy in Post-war Societies: A US/EU Comparison




From Sidney Sussex College of Cambridge University, England

krisopSam Kirsop
BA, Geography
Project Title: Crude Control:  Assessing the Effectiveness of U.S. Legislation in Tackling Oil Spills



agenskyJonathan Agensky
PhD Candidate, Political Science
Project Title: Faith-based Political Advocacy and Humanitarianism:  North-South Encounters and Evangelical Movements



From El Colegio de México, Mexico City

stevensLaura Stevens Leon
Masters Candidate, International Studies
Project Title: Legislative Coalitions in Multiparty Presidentialisms: Comparing Mexico and Brazil




From Freie University, Berlin

gnathKatharina Gnath
PhD Candidate, Political Science
Project Title: Explaining EMU External Governance: Emergence, Operation, and Evolution




From Fudan University, Shanghai

zhangXiao Bing Zhang
Masters Candidate, Environment and Engineering
Project Title: Development Strategy and Management Policy for Urban Water Industry




From the Institut d'Études Politiques de Paris (Sciences Po), France

bergameUna Bergmane
PhD Candidate, History
Project Title: French and American Reactions to the Disintegration of the Soviet Union: The Case of the Baltic States, 1989-1991



From Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi

singhCharu Singh
PhD Candidate, History
Project Title: Configuring the Monsoon: Rainfall, Meteorology and Famine in Colonial India




gnoshShrimoyee Ghosh
PhD Candidate, School of Law
Project Title: The Many Lives of Stamp Paper in India:  Ethnography, History, and Politics




From Moscow State University, Russia

moskovskiMikhail Moskovski
PhD Candidate, History
Project Title: The Role of the Dartmouth Conference in Russian-American Relations in the 1980s




BatishchevaMaria Batishcheva
PhD Candidate, Public Administration
Project Title: Institutional Whistle Blowing in the System of Public Administration: The Example of the United States of America



From The University of Cape Town, South Africa

OlugbuBenson Olugbu
PhD Candidate, Faculty of Law
Project Title: The Complementarity Principle of the International Criminal Court and Interests of Justice in Africa: A study of Ugandan and Sudanese Conflicts




muyebaSingumbe Muyeba
PhD Candidate, Sociology
Project Title: Do Private Property Titles Reduce Poverty and Inequality?  A Comparative Investigation of the Developmental Consequences of Low Cost Homeownership in Two Southern African Cities



From the University of Tokyo, Japan

matsuiKota Matsui
PhD Candidate, Faculty of Law
Project Title: Public Sector Unionism and American Social Policy in an Era of Rising Inequality




From the University of São Paolo, Brazil

aspertiMaria Cecília Asperti
Masters Candidate, School of Law
Project Title: Consensual Conflict Resolution: Overcoming Obstacles in the Transition from a Culture of Litigation to a Culture of Peace



From the University of Tel Aviv, Israel

koblentzLiram Koblentz
PhD Candidate, Political Science
Project Title: Democratic Countries and the War on Terrorist Organizations and Guerilla Movements





2011-2012 Fox International Fellows
Outgoing from Yale University

To Boğaziçi University, Istanbul

bogdonGeorge Bogden
BA, Political Science
Project Title: Turkey’s Changing Role in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization




To Sidney Sussex College of Cambridge University, England

anderson Richard Anderson
PhD Candidate, African Studies
Project Title: Recaptives: Community and Identity in Sierra Leone, 1808-1870



meyerThomas Meyer
BA, Political Science
Role-Switching in Counter-Insurgent Forces




To El Colegio de México, Mexico City

Fredy Gonzalez
PhD Candidate, History
Chinese-Mexican Relations: Their Influence on the Chinese Community in Mexico, 1930-2010


To the Free University, Berlin and Moscow State University

collinsJustin Collings
PhD Candidate, History
The Guardians and the Volk: West German Civil Society and the Rise of the Federal
Project Title: Constitutional Court



haneefOsman Haneef
MA, International Relations/MBA
The Efficacy of Counterterrorism Policy in Germany




To the Institut d'Études Politiques de Paris(Sciences Po), France

elskyJulia Elsky
PhD Candidate, French
Project Title: French Authorship and Resistance: Eastern European Francophone Writers in Vichy France





savaticFilip Savatic
BA, Ethics, Politics and Economics
Project Title: Implementation of European Union Legislation: A Comparative Study of France and Poland




To Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi

dowlingOlivia Dowling
BA, International Relations and Political Science
Project Title: Pressuring the State: Advocacy NGOs and Public Policy Reformation in India



To The University of Cape Town, South Africa

barquenoDavid Bargueño
MA, African Studies
Project Title: Queer Jihads in the Rainbow Nation: Political Identities and Activism of Queer Muslims in South Africa



wolfSpencer Wolf
PhD Candidate, Comparative Literature
Project Title: Narratives of Restoration and the Possibility of Dialogue in South African Penal and Evidence Law




To the University of São Paulo, Brazil

schiumeriniLuis Schiumerini
PhD Candidate, Political Science
Project Title: The Political Economy of Democratic Accountability:  The Causes and Consequences of Incumbency Advantage in Latin America



To Tel Aviv University, Israel

wang Zhuohao Wang
MA Candidate, School of Forestry & Environmental Studies
Project Title: Sino-Israeli Green Innovation Policy Assessment:  Lessons, Barriers and Opportunities in a Time of Uncertainty









Yale Alumni

"The Fox Program helped me to better understand the American culture and people... and probably what is most important is that participation in this Program has made me more open-minded and helped me to look at the history, politics, and economics of my native country from different angles."

Anastasia Obydenkova
from Moscow State University to Yale