2008-2009 Fox International Fellows Outgoing from Yale University

To Sidney Sussex College of Cambridge University, England


Jonathan Connolly
Graduating BA, Literature
Project Title: "Modern European Intellectual History"


Megan Lindsay
PhD, History
Project Title: "Leisler’s Rebellion: Anglo-Dutch Imperial Politics in Seventeenth Century New York"

To the Freie University, Berlin


Hilla Meller
Graduating BA, History
Project Title: "Turkish Immigration in Berlin 2008: How We Got Here and Where Are We Going?"


Nicholas Rutter
Max Kade Scholar
PhD, History
Project Title: "Cold War Cosmopolitans: Youth Internationalism in a Divided World, 1945-1975"

** Mr. Rutter will also spend one semester at Moscow State University.

To the Institut d'Études Politiques de Paris (Sciences Po), France


Maura Fitzgerald
Graduating BA, History
Project Title: “'Our Ancestors, the Gauls:' Alternative French Historical Narratives in Senegalese Paris"

To Jawaharlal Nehru University, India


Isa Mirza
Graduating BA, Political Science
Project Title: "Patterns of Globalization in Hyderabad, India"

To Moscow State University, Russia


William Ko
MA, European and Russian Studies
Project Title: "The Role of Perceptions of Strategic Culture in Contemporary Russian-Chinese Relations"

To Tel Aviv University, Israel


Philipp Nielsen
PhD, History
Project Title: "National-German Jews: (ab) normal Germans, (ab) normal Jews?"

To The University of Cape Town, South Africa


Emily Tendayi Achiume
Project Title: "How Does the Popular Legitimacy of International and Domestic Refugee Law Influence Its Effectiveness in South Africa?"


Matthew Kustenbauder
MA, African Studies
Project Title: "Prophetic Voice and Political Transformation: The Role of Religion in Contemporary South African History"

To University of Tokyo, Japan


Hansun Hsiung
Graduating BA, Sociology
Project Title: "Try a New Life!: Strategies of Survival in Japanese Communities at the Limit"

2008-2009 Fox International Fellows Incoming to Yale University

From Boğaziçi University, Turkey


Taylan Acar
MA, Political Science and International Relations
Project Title: "Subcontracted Clinical Service Workers in Turkish Public Health Sector: A State Ethnography"


Suzan Kalayci (spring 2009)
MA, History
Project Title: "Haymatlos!- The role of Diaspora intellectuals in transnational history during and after WWII"


Irem Kok
MA, Political Science and International Relations
Project Title: "Institutional Dynamics in Ecological Distribution Conflicts: Insights from Gold Mining Conflicts in Bergama and Kaz Mountains National Park"

From Sidney Sussex College of Cambridge University, England


Thomas Hayes
PhD, International Studies
Project Title: "The United States and the International Rivalries, 1898-1920"

Ruth Kelly

Ruth Kelly
LLM, Law
Project Title: "A Comparison of Human Rights Protection and Capacity Building Provisions in EU and US Preferential Trade Agreements"


Jason Varuhas (spring 2009)
PhD, Law
Project Title: "Damages for Human Rights Breaches: What Can Tort Teach Us?"

From El Colegio de México, Mexico


Jose Moreno Chavez (spring 2009)
PhD, History
Project Title: "Catholic Devotion and Culture in Mexico City: 1880-1925"


Lizbeth Leyva Marin
MA, Economics
Project Title: "Commercial competition between Mexico and China in the United States Market"

From Freie University, Berlin


Csongor Aron Buzogany
Max Kade Scholar
PhD, Political Science
Project Title: "From Red Government to Green Governance?: External Influences and the Policy-Making Role of Civil Society Organisations in Central and Eastern Europe"


Laurissa Muhlich
PhD, Business and Economics
Project Title: "South-South Monetary Integration: Regional Monetary Integration in the Context of Small Capital Markets"

From Fudan University, Shanghai

Jiyong Jin

Jiyong Jin
PhD, International Affairs
Project Title: "Global Governance of Public Health Security"

From the Institut d'Études Politiques de Paris (Sciences Po), France


Elisa Capdevila
PhD, History
Project Title: "American Artists in Paris after World War II until the Late 1960s"

From Jawaharlal Nehru University, India


Joe Thomas Karackattu
PhD, International Studies
Project Title: "Economic Interdependence and Vulnerability in China-Taiwan Economic Relations (1987-2008)"


Ashutosh Tripathi
PhD, Economics
Project Title: "Decomposing Variability in Agricultural Producer Prices: The case of selected agricultural commodities in India"

From Moscow State University, Russia


Elena Kiryanova
PhD, History
Project Title: "Power, Political Crisis, and Propaganda: Early Modern Experience of Dictatorship in Contemporary Historical Debates"


Maria Sukhanova
MA, Public Administration
Project Title: "The Interaction between Policy-Administrative and Judicial Structures in the Process of State Decision-Making "

From Tel Aviv University, Israel


Shai Dothan (spring 2009)
PhD, Law
Project Title: "What Courts Want and How They Get It: Tactics of National and International Courts"

From The University of Cape Town, South Africa

Will Archer

Will Archer
Masters, Environmental Law
Project Title: "Regulatory Opportunities and constraints facing private sector biodiversity conservation outside protected areas"

From the University of Tokyo, Japan


Seiki Tanaka
PhD, International Relations
Project Title: "Modeling the Integrated Framework of Economic Sanctions and Developing a Dataset for its Verification"

From the University of São Paolo, Brazil


Francisco Raul Cornejo de Souza
PhD, Sociology
Project Title: "Arts of the State: the Project of a Cultural Modernity and its Political Foundations in Brazil and the United States (1910-1960)"


Daniela Gabbay
JSD, Law
Project Title: "Dispute System Design: Conflict Screening and Management in the Search of an Appropriate Dispute Resolution Process"





Yale Alumni

"Being a Fox International Fellowship has been one of the greatest experiences I have had in my life. I had the chance to organize my research agenda and attend any courses that would meet my interests. Another important characteristic of the program is the access it gives us to any Yale facility, ranging from the Yale Gym to the resources of the different departments (such as the departments’ libraries). The Fox International Fellowship guided me to a better understanding of myself and people from different countries, cultures, and religions."

Eva Olimpia Arceo Gómez
from El Colegio de México to Yale