liberty conference

Liberty, Domination, and Democracy: Rethinking Freedom in Commercial Society
Friday, April 18 • 9:30 am - 5:45 pm
Room 211, Hall of Graduate Studies, 320 York Street




Burke, Paine, and the Age of Revolution

Friday, November 1
Whitney Humanities Center, Room 208
53 Wall Street, New Haven

9:15     Opening Remarks
Steven Smith & Danilo Petranovich

9:30     Burke 
Burke on the American and the French Revolutions?

Jesse Norman (20-30mins)
Darrin McMahon (20-30mins)
Alin Fumurescu, YCRI post-doc (chair)
David Bromwich (discussant)

1:00     Paine
Paine on the American and the French Revolutions?

Jonathan Clark
Jack Fruchtman     
Yiftah Elazar, YCRI post-doc (chair)
Scott McLean (discussant)

3:30 Burke/Paine 
Burke and Paine Compared

Yuval Levin
Ian Harris
Jason Frank
Keith Wrightson (chair)

Open To Public


Lincoln’s Tragic Pragmatism:
A Conference on John Burt’s Book on the Lincoln-Douglas Debates
Friday, May 3, 2013
Whitney Humanities Center 208 – 53 Wall Street

130 – 315 “The New Birth of Freedom in Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address”
Lecture by John Burt (Department of English, Brandeis), followed by Q & A

345 – 530  Roundtable discussion: Lincoln’s Tragic Pragmatism
                Chair: Steven Smith (Department of Political Science, Yale)
                Discussants:David Bromwich (English Department, Yale)
                James Kloppenberg (History Department, Harvard)
                Stephen Skowronek (Department of Political Science, Yale)
                Skip Stout (Department of History, Yale)

530 – 630  Reception


Teaching Political Philosophy:
A Conference on Steven Smith’s Political Philosophy

(Yale University Press)
Thursday, November 1, 2012
Whitney Humanities Center 208 – 53 Wall Street

100 – 215 Robert Faulkner (Boston College) and Judith Swanson (Boston University)
discuss Smith’s ancient political theory

230 – 345 Julie Cooper (University of Chicago) and Dan Mahoney (Assumption College)
discuss Smith’s modern political theory

400 – 515 Danilo Petranovich (Yale) chairs a roundtable discussion on Yale undergraduates
and the Great Books

530 – 630  Reception


Three Revolutions?
Remaking Political Society in Britain & America, 1640–1865

June 28-29, 2012
Yale University


Rethinking Lincoln
Friday October 21, 2011
HGS 211 · 320 York Street
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10:00 Opening remarks by Steven Smith co-director YCSRI

10:15–12:00 Morning Panel Philosopher or Prophet?
Ralph Lerner, University of Chicago
Steven Smith, Yale University
Discussant: Luke Mayville, Yale University

1:30–3:15 Afternoon Panel Defender of the Constitution?
Benjamin Kleinerman, Michigan State University
Danilo Petranovich, Yale University
Discussant: Justin Zaremby, Yale University

4:00–5:45 Roundtable on Eric Foner’s The Fiery Trial
Eric Foner, Columbia University
David Bromwich, Yale University
Andrew Murphy, Rutgers University
Teresa Bejan, Yale University