Conflict, Resilience, and Health Program

at the Whitney and Betty MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies at Yale


The Conflict, Resilience, and Health Program is an interdisciplinary group that works to build resilience and health in communities afflicted by armed conflict or structural violence.  Led by Professor Catherine Panter-Brick, this program engages with academics, practitioners, and policy makers to promote innovations in global health research and to evaluate resilience-building interventions.


Research to Policy Talks

Children and Violence: Catherine Panter-Brick gave a talk at the Yale Alumni Association of the Northwest (YAANW) to showcase how current Yale partnerships are promoting innovations in science and policy. Read on for examples on how we can engage men, leverage the Father Factor, and take this evidence to the United Nations.


Youth and governance in Africa: Whitney and Betty MacMillan gathered a group of people who have a deep interest in initiatives taken on the continent of Africa. Read on for how youth create a new form of civic engagement.