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Andrew F. March
Associate Professor, Political Science.

marchPhone: (203) 432-4178
Office: 115 Prospect St., Rosenkranz Hall
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He teaches political theory and has a special interest in Islamic political thought, especially the Islamic legal tradition. He is currently at work on a number of projects on Islamic legal theories of the maqasid al-shari‘a (“the purposes of the law”), Islamic moral psychology and the problem of “taking people as they are” in normative ethics, and contemporary Islamic treatments of apostasy and is also developing a book project on Islamic legal theory, Muslim minorities and conceptions of religious freedom. He has written on the problem of Islam and liberal citizenship, namely on the intersection of liberal theory and the Islamic jurisprudence of Muslim minorities (fiqh al-aqalliyyat).

D.Phil. in Politics, University of Oxford, 2006
Andrew F. March, Associate Professor of Political Science


He teaches courses on Islamic Political Thought, Islamic Law & Ethics, and Islam & Liberalism.
Political theory; contemporary philosophical liberalism; Islamic political thought; Islamic law; religion and political theory; comparative political theory.

Select Publications:

2009. Islam and Liberal Citizenship: The Search for an Overlapping Consensus (Oxford University Press).

2013. "Genealogies of Sovereignty in Islamic Political Theology," Social Research (Special Issue on Political Theology) (forthcoming).

2013. "Ambivalent Universalism? Jus ad bellum in Modern Islamic Legal Discourse," European Journal of International Law (with Naz K. Modirzadeh) (forthcoming).