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Iran Colloquium

Fall 2013

September 20     
Daryoush Ashouri, Translator, Writer and Critic
"From the Orient to the Third World: A Brief Review of a Historical Fall"
September 27     
Valerie Hansen, Professor of History, Yale University
"Iranians in Exile: The Sogdian Diaspora along the Silk Road in China, 313-1000 CE"

October 18
Abbas Amanat, Professor of History, Yale University
"Anxious Onlookers: Qajar Iran, Persianate India and Tipu Sultan’s Resistance to British Expansion"

November 6      
"Education under Fire"
A Documentary and Conversation with discussants:
Fereydun Vahman (University of Copenhagen)
Mashiyat Ashraf (Baha’I Institute for Higher Education)
Shahin Milani (Iran Human Rights Documentation Center)

Co-sponsored by Yale Program in Iranian Studies, Iran Human Rights Documentation Center, and the Schell Center for International Human Rights

November 8      
Fereydun Vahman, University of Copenhagen
"Enduring Zoroastrian Legacy in later Iranian Religions"

December 6
Ida Meftahi, IAH Postdoctoral Fellow, The Pennsylvania State University
"Re-Sublimating the Dancing Body in Twentieth Century Iran: From Cabaret Spectacle to the Post-Revolutionary Theatrical State"

Spring 2013 (download poster)

January 24
Hadi Jorati, Yale University,
“Decline and Fall of Isma‘ilis in Iran: A Thirteenth Century Endgame”

February 19
Film Screening: A Cinema of Discontent: Film Censorship in Iran by Jamsheed Akrami, William Paterson University, followed by Panel Discussion and Q&A with Jamsheed Akrami, and Abbas Amanat, Yale University

co-sponsored by PIER-Outreach

February 28
David Patrikarakos, University of St Andrews, UK
“Iran’s Nuclear Program: A Surge to Modernity”

co-sponsored by the Poynter Fellowship for Journalism

March 26
Joint Panel: Joanna de Groot, University of York, UK and Iranian Studies Fellow, Yale University; and James Gustafson, Indiana State University,
“Out of the Shadows: A Case Study of a Nineteenth Century Iranian Region in a Wider Historical Perspective”

April 4
Morad Tahbaz, Persian Wildlife Foundation
“Iran’s Wildlife: Challenges and Opportunities”

April 5
Nowruz Concert

April 11
George Bournoutian, Iona College, New York
“The Griboedov Affair and Iran’s Mission of Apology to Tsar of Russia in 1829”

April 25
Charles Melville, Cambridge University
“New Light on Shah ‘Abbas and the Construction of Isfahan”