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Roberta (Robin) L. Dougherty
Librarian for Middle East Studies
International Collections & Research Support: Near East Collection

Selector for these areas: Arabic Studies, Islamic Studies, Middle East Studies, Near Eastern Languages, except Hebrew, Near Eastern Languages, Persian Specialist, Turkish Imprints.

Librarian for these majors: Modern Middle East Studies, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations

Phone: (203) 432-1373
Office: SML 333A, Sterling Memorial Library
Link:; Near East Collection on Facebook

Select Publications
Dance and the Dancer in Egyptian Film. Costa Mesa, Calif.: Mazda Publishers, 2005: 145-171. Available in Orbis

Badia Masabni, Artiste and Modernist: the Egyptian Print Media's Carnival of National Identity. Berkeley: University of California Press, 2000: 243-268. Available in Orbis